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Here are some of my thoughts regarding the CRCNA decision to de-emphasize the second Sunday worship service. Specifically, three points:

  1. So, as a retired police officer, there were many occasions where I was not able to attend morning church due to shift work. You all know well that there are many vocations that are burdened with the same problem. In my humble opinion, cutting the second service cuts out those who may work shifts. 
  2. I was brought up identifying the Sunday as “the Lord’s Day,” maybe you too. It may be a simplistic view on my part, but Sunday, or Sabbath as some prefer to see it, is the Lord’s Day then it should be a day dedicated to The Lord God, not to ourselves where we shop, eat out, run our kids to sport events, etc. I don’t advocate a legalistic view, because sometimes things have to be done on the Sunday. I want to deal with it as a “principle” view, a view I see as diminishing rapidly. So, let’s keep the Lord’s Days with the principle that it is His day, not ours.
  3. Lastly, we seem to be so big on church plants, and rejoice when ten people attend, yet we tend to lament when fewer than 25 show up at an evening service. 

Tongue in cheek, I ask: Are our pastors looking to ease up on the duties of their vocation? Are we drifting away from the faith of our fathers? Let’s wake up and return to some of the customs and traditions handed down by our fore bearers.

Blessings, Alex


I totally agree with Alex. I, too, would have missed going to church on Sunday if our church only had one service each week while I was working as a nurse. I think we need to make the second service a "gentle" expectation of our professing members.  This is an excellent time to dig deeper into God's Word and offer our thanks and praise to him.


But please... avoid using language like "faith of our fathers"... I mean, it's 2019, how archaic of you! (said of course with tongue also firmly in cheek)

The 2nd service could be re formatted in various ways, for those who don't want to prepare a 2nd message... I personally would love to see more time praying together... and as an alternative to a 2nd sermon, spend time to discuss and dig deeper into the passage that was preached on in the morning. Give everyone an opportunity to share how the Holy Spirit ministered to them in the morning service (or the previous week) from the music, the message and anything else that was meaningful to them.

I love I Cor 14 where EVERYONE has a word of encouragement/instruction, a hymn, scripture or revelation to share for the strengthening of the Church. Sadly, this gets lost in our current format.

ps.. if Jesus says it's worth His time to show up where 2 or 3 are gathered in His Name, why do we think we need more than that to make it worth our while. (recognizing He never leaves or forsakes us, but there is a different dynamic of His Presence when we connect with others in Jesus Name.)

Thanks to all who responded with their insightful comments. They did not however address those who  cannot attend a morning service. To push the issue a little further, just think of how we are conditioned by our church to be inclusive, you know, accommodation of handicapped people, scent free areas etc., (all good stuff) yet the shift workers are ignored, they’re on their own. How does that make any sense to those responsible for the administration of our church?

I have thoughts/questions.

How many of these churches that are of the “single service” group are renting a space that does not allow them to have a second service?  This would prevent any congregation that rents to have a second service.  

Also if we are to value the voice of our younger members of the CRCNA and we are fearful of losing them, then why are we not taking into account the that young advisors encouraged Synod to NOT dismiss the idea of having a second service?  We are all in fear of losing the younger generations, but yet when they speak (especially to the contrary) we don’t care to listen.

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