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As our countries prepare to "reopen", how are you continuing to help your members and community members affected by COVID-19? What role does the church have in this crisis? How can deacons meet the needs of the most vulnerable in their congregations and their communities? 

As church leaders work to figure out what this means for Sunday worship, deacons are responsible to help lead the church to BE the church in a new way.  Here are some things to remember:

  1. Check-in: Continue to check-in with your church members and with your community members. Here are two ways that you might do that:

  • Temperature Check: How do you think most people in your church are doing? How do you think most people in your Community are doing?

    • Red = Feeling overwhelmed. Many needs and can’t meet them.

    • Orange = Worried. Struggling to try and meet needs.

    • Yellow = Managing but feeling concerned.

    • Green = Feeling positive. Haven’t been affected. 

    • Blue = Feeling unproductive. Listless and not engaged.

  • BLESS Method of Assessing 

    • B - Belonging - Do you feel connected to a community?

    • L - Livelihood - Do you feel your basic needs are met?

    • E - Emotional - How have you been feeling? Stress, depression, etc?

    • S - Spiritual - What spiritual practices have been helpful?

    • S - Safety - Is there a threat or harm you are facing?

  1. Collaborate: Assess your neighborhood relationships: Individuals, Local associations, institutions, organizations, churches, groups.  Are you working alongside them? Is there a coalition in your community that you can be part of? Are there organizations already doing work? What is the COMMUNITY plan?

  2. Converse: Listen and learn from your community. Stop and really hear what they have been trying to tell you. 

  3.  If you haven't already, start examining a strengths based approach to working with your community.  We can help you!

If you want more information on living out your diaconal role, benevolence, working with your community, stewardship, etc.:

Contact:  United States: Jodi Koeman, [email protected] and Canada: Diaconal Ministries Canada,

The following resources were provided throughout the crisis to guide you in your response: 

In addition, visit for more resources for your congregation.

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