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The times, they are so serious. The news so grim. Bad tidings in quick succession. 

Yes, all that, and more, is so... But this summer is here only once. Enjoy it! Enjoy it as much as you are able to. To be a balanced person is to deal with problems and tasks, but also to safeguard happy thoughts, cherish good moments, and have fun.

Your children must not remember you as the worrying kind. Those of you getting on in age, the days allotted to you must not be marked by heaviness. Do something nice with your children. Do something nice for yourselves. 

More specifically… don't postpone reading that nice book… see that good movie… invite friends… play a game… take the kids somewhere...  have some pleasant time away...

But having fun is more than that, you say. You are right! Fun should be linked to joy. Joy is a condition of the heart. It's to know forgiveness. It's to commune with your heavenly Father who loves you. But some of that must be expressed in fun. You will make a discovery: you have a disposition far more sunny than you had imagined. And you have probably blessed someone near to you. Fun is a mood, but it is also something expressed in doing. So, have fun!

One suggestion: there will be readers who know the secret of combining in their daily lives both serious responsibilities and contagious fun making. We would like to hear from you. Tell us how you did it, tell us about the instances of good fun you had.


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