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I was working on new material for our catechetical program for the fall.  In our first sessions, we want to focus on how we grow as Christians.  I want youth to know what they need to practice in order to grow to maturity.  In the process I listened to some youtube videos of Richard Foster. (Get a Life: the with-God life ).  

But my mind also went to elder’s training.  It seems to me that elder’s training can genuinely help us in our ministry of shepherding people toward maturity.  Now would be a good time for planning the upcoming season.   Here is my suggestion: take some time at the next meeting of elders to ask a question:

·         What do I need to learn in order to do my tasks for the coming year?

Then make a plan to cover various aspects of our calling over the coming year.  There is always more to learn than there is time.  But starting is important. 

Over the years I have heard testimony from elders of various councils that this has been one of the richest experiences of the elder’s term of service.   For me when elders choose to grow in faith, it is a testimony to the congregation that this is the practice of the community.   Personal and communal growth in our walk with God and continually developing our mission as a community is an important part of our shared life.

Over the summer is a good time to consider the options.  Begin the process. 

I hope to show some of Richard Foster.  Also a little of Donald Miller’s Convergrence  ( a conversation with Henry Cloud) about personal growth.  I think these will help.

Do you have resources  you think might help?  

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