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A number of years back, the Young Adult Leadership Task Force (YALT) was all over the place on Twitter, Facebook, and here on The Network. Then it disappeared. The task force was being used to help Millennials move into leadership in the CRC but now it's disappeared.

Did the CRC get rid of it or did Gen Z not feel like it was needed?

As a Gen Xer in leadership roles in the CRC, I was wanting to know so I could help mentor the rising Gen Z who need help in finding their place in leadership and in the CRC. 


Thanks for your questions Joshua. You are correct that YALT had existed to elevate the voice of young adults in the CRCNA and to encourage space for their leadership within our churches. They were very present through a variety of social media platforms which helped to set this conversation in front of us. I am thankful for the many who were tasked with that role over the years and all the work they put into this.

Since then, many other ways of mentoring the generations into leadership roles have taken root within the denomination. 

Through Faith Formation ministries (and other partners like the RCA and Thereforego Ministries), we have been offering support for people like yourself and other ministry leaders ways to engage and encourage our younger leaders. 

Lesli Van Milligan (FFM) has been involved in something called the "leadership studio" which helps our younger members enter a journey of leadership experiments within there local congregations

Rick Zomer (Thereforego), Lesli (FFM) and myself are involved in both virtual and in person Mentoring Networks (cohorts) to help local congregations better understand what mentoring is and why it is so important in our discipleship practices.

The CRCNA and the RCA also entered into a partnership for something called Generation Spark. Here we hope to work with congregational teams to roll out very succinct mentoring initiatives with an emphasis on Emerging Adult leadership.

Joshua, if you have any questions about any of these, please feel free to reach out to me.

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