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Edwin Walhout, apparently a retired CRC minister, has written an article in the Banner suggesting and promoting the changing of a number of core reformation doctrines which the CRC holds to, and which are foundational to our understanding of who man is, who Christ is, and what our relationship to God is. This is contrary to church order principles, but even more importantly, contrary to the confessions which officebearers subscribe to, and contrary to the profession of faith all CRC members make. Most important of all, it is contrary to scripture, which the confessions themselves say is foundational and superior even to the confessions.  

If he (and the banner editor) are not disciplined strongly for this, then there is no justification for getting upset about being contrary to infant baptism, predestination, election of the chosen, and there is no justification for getting upset with anyone for living an immoral life either, since scriptures and confessions can obviously be contradicted with impunity. 

I would suggest that Walhout loses his credentials, and that the banner editor position be found a replacement.

What do you suggest? 


Edwin Walhout passed away January 1, 2017.  He died a Christian man who truly loved the Lord more than anyone I've ever known, and he loved everyone he ever met or didn't meet, even you all on this thread. His parting words may be found at



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