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Vern Poythress, professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminster Seminary recently published his book The Miracles of Jesus: How the Savior's Mighty Acts Serve as Signs of Redemption.

The book helps anyone who is preaching and teaching on the miracles of Jesus to situate them in the larger context of redemption and to look backward, for instance from the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves back to other food multiplication miracles of the Old Testament, and forward to the ultimate provision of food in all seasons in the New Jerusalem, not to mention the the whole scope of Jesus' ministry encompasses the feeding of souls and bodies.

Crossway's synopsis:

Jesus walked on water. He healed a blind man. He turned water into wine. More than just displays of his divine power, Jesus’s miracles signify something deeper—they’re windows into God’s grand story of redemption, foreshadowing the great miracle of Christ’s death and resurrection. By explaining the meaning and significance of all 26 miracles recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, New Testament scholar Vern Poythress shows us their relevance for our lives today. Poythress unpacks how understanding the meaning of Christ’s miracles will help us better grasp the salvation God has brought into the world.

The Table of Contents:

Part 1: Introducing Miracles

The Reality of the Miracles of Jesus

The Significance of Miracles

Part 2: Miracles as Signs

Illustrative Miracles from the Gospel of John

The Pattern of Redemption

The Pattern of Application of Redemption

Typological Reasoning about Miracles

Broader Implications of the Miracles of Jesus

Specific Applications

Part 3: Miracles in Matthew

The Virgin Birth (Matt. 1:18–25)

The Baptism of Jesus (Matt. 3:13–17)

Many Healings (Matt. 4:23–25)

Cleansing a Leper (Matt. 8:1–4)

The Centurion's Servant (Matt. 8:5–13)

Peter's Mother-in-Law (Matt. 8:14–17)

Calming a Storm (Matt. 8:23–27)

The Gadarene Demoniacs (Matt. 8:28–34)

Healing a Paralytic (Matt. 9:1–8)

Raising Jairus's Daughter (Matt. 9:18–26)

Healing Two Blind Men (Matt. 9:27–31)

Healing a Mute Demoniac (Matt. 9:32–34)

Many Healings (Matt. 9:35–38)

Healing a Withered Hand (Matt. 12:9–14)

Many Healings (Matt.12:15–21)

A Blind and Mute Man (Matt. 12:22–23)

Feeding the 5,000 (Matt. 14:13–21)

Walking on Water (Matt. 14:22–33)

Healing Many (Matt. 14:34–36)

The Syrophoenecian Woman (Matt. 15:21–28)

Healing Many (Matt. 15:29–31)

Feeding 4,000 (Matt. 15:32–39)

The Transfiguration (Matt. 17:1–8)

A Boy with a Demon (Matt. 17:14–20)

The Coin in the Fish's Mouth (Matt. 17:24–27)

Many Healings (Matt. 19:2)

Two Blind Men at Jericho (Matt. 20:29–34)

Cursing the Fig Tree (Matt. 21:18–22)

Part 4: The Resurrection of Christ and Its Application

The Resurrection of Jesus (Matt. 28:–10)

Applications to Particular Needs

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