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I'm curious as to what software people are using to do scripture study and why.


Having recently studied at CTS, I am a Logos fan. I use Logos 4 because of it's versatility, extensive resources, notes and handouts ability. I find that it keeps me fresh in the languages too especially with its visual markup capability. They made it even easier to work with since Libronix 3.

I too finished at CTS not that long ago (EPMC), but before that I was at Tyndale for my M.Div. When at Tyndale I was introduced to Accordance Bible Software for the Mac, Logos, eSword, the Christian Classics Etherial Library (from Calvin), BibleReader for Palm, etc., etc., etc. --there are a tonne of resources out there.

However, I ended up with Accordance. I've found that Accordance has more flexibility and power than Logos, has better attention to detail with the texts and modules, has a better layout in terms of usability, and pretty competitive pricing. I doesn't have as many modules as Logos, but I haven't felt any lack either. I used Accordance to write my original language exercises at Calvin and I was done substantially faster than most of the other students and was very please with how well the results turned out from the test. I found myself waiting for everyone else during most of the class sessions too.

That being said, I haven't worked with Logos 4, and I understand it's quite a new thing. Also, Accordance is only available on the Mac (or in emulation on a PC), whereas Logos is now available for both.

My advice (not that anyone asked) is to go with Accordance if you have a Mac, or if you're thinking of switching to one, UNLESS you're just entering CTS--then you should get Logos, because they're heavily invested in that software. Both are great pieces of software--I prefer one over the other for (I think) good reasons, but the difference between them in power and capability is really quite minimal, IMHO.

What about others? What do you use?


I use Logos. I bought it when was taking classes at CTS, but at that time, I was a Windows-only user. Now I'm primarily a Mac user.

Logos 4 for Mac is officially still in Beta. They had a release version for Logos 3 (which I now use), but it was missing quite a bit of function. Since I have a working Logos 3 for Mac installation, I'll wait to upgrade to Logos 4 until the Mac Version is a full release.

I have way too much invested in Logos to consider switching to Accordance (or anything else).

Bob Felton
Ellsworth Christian Reformed Church

Rob Toornstra on March 24, 2010

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

I use two programs together. For my language work, I use Bibleworks; the bit attraction here is that I have the text (in just about any language) and while I scroll my cursor over the words, the window below automatically parses & translates the words for me. This also has the ability to do searches (and I usually only use the most basic search functions; it has the capability to do very complex searches). It can also give me a breakdown of the occurences of words in a given text (how many times each word occurs; how many times a word occurs in a given book of the bible, or in all of hte bible, or in all of Paul's writings, etc.)

For study work, I use a very little known program, published by Zondervan, called "Pradis." This has dozens of reference works, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias and just about everything I need. I can cross-link materials too, so that I can pull up a text, and automatically all the commentaries and bibles and reference materials will automatically turn to hte same text. Handy.

I still do prefer good old fashioned books though. Computers are great, and handy, and timesavers, but I like the old books best.

Logos 4 is a fantastic software option. I, too, was first meaningfully introduced to Logos at CTS and saw the changes from Logos 2 to Logos 3 (aka. Libronix), but the jump to Logos 4 has been the most helpful upgrade I've encountered yet. That being said, I opted to go to a Camp Logos seminar (2-day) taught my Morris Procter and found it very worthwhile. In fact, I'm teaching others in my church how to study the Bible using Logos now.

FYI...Zondervan's Pradis software has been discontinued. It can still be purchased but Zondervan FINALLY decided that Logos could distribute their stuff.

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