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There are several misconceptions about The Network that come up regularly. Here we address those misconceptions and explain the facts about posting, moderation, and more. 

Content on The Network Is Curated 

The Network is open for anyone to post. Though some posts are solicited, most are not. You do not need to submit your post to Network staff but instead may post it directly on the site. To add your post, login to The Network and click on the orange “Add Your Post” button. 

Examples of posts on the site include resources, blogs, ministry questions, church positions, and more. We would love to see your post on the site! 

There’s a Big Team of People Behind The Network 

The day-to-day tasks of The Network are managed by one half-time position. There is a small steering team that meets monthly to provide input, address questions, and plan for the future. 

You Need to Be an Excellent Writer to Post 

The primary purpose of The Network is to connect people around local church ministry. This means the only criteria for getting involved is a passion for serving in your local church. So please, please post your questions, your stories, and your resources. And don’t let the fear of grammatical errors stop you!  

You Need to Belong to the CRC to Join 

Though The Network is a ministry sharing blog of the Christian Reformed Church, you do not need to belong to a CRC to create an account or get involved.

Network Posts are Moderated at Random 

Posts and comments on The Network are moderated using the site’s Community Guidelines. The community also helps with moderation as users are able to flag comments or posts to be reviewed by admins. If you see something that doesn’t comply with the Community Guidelines, flag it for review.

Sincere thanks for making The Network what it is today. Your involvement is the reason this community is thriving. Please continue to post your questions and support each other as you engage in ministry this fall and beyond! 


I chuckle at points 1 and 5 being "myths" as my submitted post sits in limbo for the past 13 days...

I'd love for you guys to either approve my post or give me the reason why not.



  Thanks for posting this article Staci:

       As an author who has frequently contributed to the Network, there is much to applaud about it as a vehicle for disseminating information.

       Yet, as an author who has also had a recent post 'taken down' I do wonder if all is as shining and bright as  is sketched out above. I wonder if the Community Guidelines are such that they permit a person or a panel to remove posts that might provide other perspectives, critically [and I use that in an academic sense of a fair and just treatment of an issue] examine even trends within the CRCNA, and even do the same with some current news.

     For example:

a. Could an article such as one that recently appeared on the blog Reformed Every Day which lamented what the author termed as 'breaking covenant' by the leadership of Netland CRC with their installation of a deacon living in a same-sex marriage be allowed?

b. Could an article entitled "Not White Fragility: Mutual Responsibility" by George Yancey a bivocational pastor who has touched on many of the weaknesses of an almost hallowed book be allowed?

c. Could an article critiquing Critical Race Theory be allowed? Could an article examining what the author sees as a confusion between systematic racism and systemic racism be allowed?

All of this material is out there and it is my view that the readers of the Network would benefit from wider perspectives. This could prevent a level of cynicism that has developed and might do something to avoid the charge [addressed to a degree above] that the Network more strongly features one angle than another.


Rev. Dr. John Span



Hi Ken! Sorry for the delayed response and for the confusion on that point. The MYTH is that you need to be an excellent writer to post. The truth is that we don't want people to worry about their post being perfectly polished or free of any errors. Sorry if the wording caused confusion. 

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