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This new book, Establish the Work of Our Hands, A Memoir: Stories from the Grey and the Green to the Blue and the Brown, did not start out to be a memoir; rather a compilation of professional and opinion-writing to one day be read by our children and grandchildren. Early in the process it became clear that some chronology was needed to give background and context. Thus a memoir, plus. Still intended for the extended family, it is full of stories and perspectives from two different cultures and geographies, different decades and histories. This will also be of interest to a general audience who may not read the whole book but will enjoy reading “in” the book.

Honest, insightful, warm and funny—you will learn much about leadership, relationship and partnership, most often with a smile but also deep suffering. Throughout, my Christian faith was foundational.

This book is available for $25 by emailing me directly at [email protected] (preferred method). The book is also available at the Calvin University bookstore, or on Amazon. Below you will find endorsements for the book. 

This was a good week to sit in the house and read a book. The book entitled…Establish the Work of our Hands…written by a local author. I read through it with both tears of sadness and laughter as he shared his story of faith, family, friends, farming and education. As I continued reading the familiar names, places, education and travels the author included the good, the bad and the painful. Amazed by his his memory and knowledge, I took the walk through memory lane as I read through the pages of this well-written book that he not only gave to his children, grand and great grandchildren but, also for this community and beyond. Well done, Ron Polinder. You’ve made this community brighter with this incredible gift. May God continue to bless you as you continue to bless others.
—Harriet Lautenbach, Lynden, WA

A recommendation to all my Facebook friends who have connections to Lynden, Washington and Rehoboth, New Mexico and to all those who have been involved with Christian schools throughout our nation and Canada: You will want to read Ron Polinder‘s book entitled “Estsblish the Work of Our Hands.” Like me, Ron grew up on a farm in Lynden, Washington, and graduated from Lynden Christian schools and Calvin College. And like me, the Lord led him to a career in Christian education. I recently finished reading his folksy, yet provocative book. Having roots in Lynden, Calvin College, and Christian education, I appreciated his recollections and a collection of his writings (many times, even philosophical) regarding Christianity and the advancement of the Christian day school movement— especially in Rehoboth and in Lynden. For anyone interested in obtaining his book, it is available from [email protected].
—Jerry Terpsma Ripon, California

I've read much about anti-racism efforts, cross-cultural skills, and pursuing reconciling efforts. All helpful, but Ron Polinder's Memoir provides an amazingly different avenue of learning: stories of relationships among those of differing cultural groups. The stories give reason to celebrate how two from Lynden prompted and experienced a growing beloved community in New Mexico--lessons from which we should learn. Thank you Ron! —Steve Timmermans Grand Rapids, MI

Ron, I just finished reading your new book, "Establish the work of our hands" and wanted to thank you for reawakening some fond memories of my days at Calvin, your rascallion ways made me smile. You Lynden guys always seem to be in the middle of the action. Thank you as well for your winsome testimony of how God can take someone who is willing to use his gifts and trust God with the outcome. The book reads like a conversation with an old friend. Thanks for all the effort in putting this reflection into print, it was a fun and inspiring book. The best is yet to come. —Hank VanderWerp (Calvin: 1968) Hudsonville, MI

I recently had the privilege of reading Ron's book, "Establish the Work of Our Hands." Although written to and for his immediate family, it is to our benefit that he made it available publicly. We get to sit at his feet, as it were, and listen in to the stories that shaped the man he is. It was thoroughly enjoyable to read about the families and individuals that were also part of my upbringing at Rehoboth. I also appreciated the parts related to Lynden, WA, some of which I was vaguely aware of but now know in much more depth. He is honest in his emotions when discussing the "home-going" of his mother, and later, his beloved wife, Colleen. I highly recommend this book to anyone who knows and loves Ron, Rehoboth or Lynden.
—Timothy Veenstra Spokane, WA

To those who have not yet read Ron's book of letters to his grandchildren...don't bother! Unless of course you are ready to burst out loud laughing as you read, and feel moisture creasing its way down your cheek at other times. Honest, humble, hilarious and grieving, Ron allows us to walk in his moccasins as well as his barn boots as we share his passions and disappointments. Read it...I dare may find yourself nudged to convey some life lessons and grand stories to your own grandchildren. Thanks for making yourself vulnerable, Ron. And for the captivating read. —Roger Van Dyken Lynden, WA

A nice evening, especially when you get to see great people. Always a pleasure to see Ron Polinder and his lovely wife. He's one of my folks most favorite people...ours too. Got a copy and need to make some uninterrupted time to have a read.
—Trudy Barton Ft. Wingate, NM

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