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This blog was written by Liz Samis at Drayton CRC in Drayton, ON. 

I had the opportunity to take my youngest grandson, Connor, to and from Coffee Break and Story Hour. Each week I could see his little heart and his faith in God growing. On the way home, he would spout out spiritual truth and tidbits of stories he had learned in Story Hour. At night, he would sing some of the songs to his mom when she tucked him in. Connor would talk fondly of what his teachers told him and developed a “matter of fact attitude” about God. It is a blessing to hear him.

This year his older brother, Cody got to come and Connor was not too happy about that as Story Hour was “his thing.” He has adapted.

The Story - The Craft - The Song

The Story Hour leaders do a wonderful job of tying together all the crafts and songs and engaging with the children. A couple weeks ago Connor was all excited about the story of Samuel. He had a little craft with a cut out figure and a piece of cloth over Samuel for a blanket as Samuel was in bed. He proceeded to tell me the story of God calling Samuel in detail and how he went to Eli. He went through it three times. I was amazed. He is three! He sang the song “The B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me…” as it was the song that week. I find the craft take-homes allow us the chance to talk to him about what he has learned, and he definitely shares what is learning with us.

This past week, Cody was immersed in a craft when I went to pick him up. He was not rushing out the door to get home. He was sitting there working on the vases that were part of the story for that week. As we drove home in the truck I asked him about the story and he started to tell me. I was not sure what the story was at first so I asked to him to tell me the story and give me clues. Turns out it was the story of Elijah coming to the widow and how he filled up the vases with oil. I finished off the story for him once I guessed it. He said to me, “How did you know that story Grandma?” and I was able to respond that I knew that story from the Bible.

Sharing the Joy

Connor’s other grandma had the chance to take him home after Coffee Break. She told me Connor was singing in the back seat, “I have the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart.” He said to his grandma, “Do you know what gives me joy, Grandma?” She said, “No, Connor, I do not know what gives you joy. What gives you joy?” Connor replied, “Ronella gives me joy.” Ronella is his newest baby cousin who was just born a few weeks before. Both of us grandmas were blessed by his heart and that he understood at the age of three what joy was and felt like. Wow.

The Blessing

We are blessed with Story Hour and Little Lambs leaders that love the Lord. Their ministry is so important. There is not a week that goes by when I do not hear something more from those little grandsons. I see the seeds being planted and I also see them germinating and making a difference in their lives. What a blessing.

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