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Recently, someone challenged me to consider what Coffee Break might look like if we took it out of the church. I wonder...

Imagine, 3 or 4 women (the group should remain small), sitting together, week after week, in the same coffee shop, sharing the things of the Lord. Imagine relationships that begin to be formed, with serving staff, and other regular customers. Imagine what they might see as they connect in this new space. Imagine what others might see in them. Could this be a way to be salt and light in a new space?

Or imagine gathering in your home, and inviting neighbours. (some of you already do this!)

Or, if you work outside your home, imagine gathering with a few other Christians for lunch, weekly, to do a study together. Meet at work, or in the same restaurant, with eyes open to see what God is doing.

Jesus taught along the way. He connected with people in the community. When I read the story of the woman at the well, I wonder if Jesus remained behind intentionally, while his disciples went to town. Was He intentional about connecting with her? I believe He was.

Can Coffee Break begin to be intentional about where we meet so that we can connect with others? What about the gym, the library, the community centre? tell me, what might it look like for you? I'd love to hear some stories about Coffee Break connecting in deeper ways in the community. What are you doing, to connect in your community? What is your dream for the mission of Coffee Break this year? How do you see it happening? 


Coffee Shops seem to hosts for small groups in many towns and cities.  And just like on Canadian Air Farce they meet regularly, share opinions freely, some times share feelings, and do a lot of encouragement.  Community- building small groups happen every day where the aroma of fresh coffee wafts over small tables and chairs.  In some of the coffee shop groups I have seen, I sense that is the only community available for some of the folks - especially the seniors.

Recently, my wifeand I were out for an intimate cappucino at our local coffee shop and an old fellow at the next table started chatting with us.  We found that he was a survivor of the second world war, a writer, a retired professor... and very lonely since his wife passed away.  What a lovely 20 minutes we spent together.

This morning I met with several people at the same coffee shop where we prayed and discussed a new Christian venture for the community of Guelph.  We had a great time together.

Community and Coffee Shops...  Small groups should be a natural!

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