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Sporadically I pray that God will lead me to someone who wants to know Him.

This morning I had an appointment at a coffee shop.  I am there from time to time for meetings, but it's not my regular place.  One of my favorite coffee shops where I often go to work for a few hours, closed this summer.  I came back from holidays a couple of weeks ago only to discover the signs had been taken down and the place seemed deserted.   This morning as I entered the current shop, I was greeted by a server from the closed restaurant.  I was thrilled to see her, and we exchanged our shared disappointment about the closing - sadly, a bankruptcy. Perhaps I should have had more muffins with my coffee.  :-)

I was surprised at how delighted I was to see this woman.  It touched me that she remembered me as a ‘regular’ at the other place. Today I learned her name; I shared mine.  I realized that she had become my friend and I was glad to know what happened to her.  I was glad to know she is well, and that she is working again.  I found myself thinking about her, wondering about her life and her family.  Would she welcome an invitation to sit for coffee? Or an invitation to join me at Coffee Break?

I’ve been praying that God will lead me to those who want to know about Him.  Could she be an answer to my prayer?  Is she hungry for connection and for the truth of who Jesus is?   Holy Spirit, lead me!  May I be open to Your prompting.

For starters, I'll visit this coffee shop more often, now that I know she is there.  I'll pray for her by name, and listen for the Holy Spirit to lead me in future conversations.

How about you?  Who is God leading you to?  Are you being prompted to have a deeper connection with someone? 

Can you share a story of times when you felt God leading you to someone?

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