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Ever wonder what happened to The Back to God Hour? Well, the final episode aired on April 11, 2010, after 70 years of broadcasting. One week later, Groundwork, a brand new radio program with an updated format, debuted. This 25-minute program uses dialogue and conversation to turn the soil of Scripture, cultivating growth in faith and obedience. Groundwork digs into the substantive issues and questions from the Bible: What is the purpose of worship? Why is the resurrection so fundamental to Christian beliefs? What are the costs of discipleship? In each episode of Groundwork, hosts Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee guide listeners in meaty conversations like these, leading them to practical applications of God’s Word for everyday life.

Groundwork is produced by ReFrame Media in partnership with Words of Hope. ReFrame is the English language ministry of Back to God Ministries International. Groundwork plays a key role in ReFrame’s outreach mission by showing how God’s whole story impacts your whole life.

Here are some of the most recent episodes from Groundwork:

Israel’s Deliverance. Have you done the right thing or followed God's call only to find yourself burned or rejected rather than blessed? Dave and Scott discuss the book of Exodus to better help us understand God's presence and involvement in our earthly situations. 

The Call of Moses. Ever had a moment that you just knew God had spoken to you? We discuss Moses' God moment at the burning bush and what this story teaches us about our excuses, God's deliverance, God's timing, and our participation in God's plan.

The Israelites in Egypt. In a new series on the Book of Exodus, we see Israel’s situation had gotten progressively worse in the centuries since Joseph's death. The people were desperate, and the prospects of ever getting back to Canaan did not look good. So did God have a rescue plan?

Your Questions Answered (Part 1). We're digging into scripture to answer questions relating to theology and your personal faith journey that you've asked this year - questions like "How does my past affect my identity?", "How do I know I'm following God's calling for my life?", and "Can you help me understand 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18?".

Your Questions Answered (Part 2). We believe that biblical inquiry strengthens our faith. We're digging into scripture to answer your - like "Does Exodus 20:7 still apply today?", "The culture is certainly in favor of gay marriage; is the Bible in favor of it?", and "Isn’t there a scripture that says, 'Come let us reason together'?" 

Each month, I’ll post here on the Network a digest of recent Groundwork episodes. You don’t have to wait, however; I encourage you to explore at any time. You can also subscribe to the weekly email. And be sure to join our Facebook community (“Like” Groundwork!).

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