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Talking about faith together doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be as simple as asking a good question. Here’s one: what does participating in the Lord’s Supper mean to you?

When I think about this question, I realize my response is rooted in stories of “light bulb moments,” a few times where I experienced a jolt of realization while taking communion. The first time was when I unsuspectingly sipped real wine during communion at a traditional Anglican church! 

More recently, though, I remember the moment I noticed my church’s two co-pastors—one a petite Black woman and the other a tall white man—offer each other communion in the shadow of the stage while the worship band started the closing song. Their quiet act of service reminded me of the diversity and unity of the body of Christ as they said to each other “the body of Christ, given for you.” 

Another time, shortly after I had joined this new church, I filed in line with other church members on our way to the communion table. After I dipped the bread into the cup, I looked up to see the first person who had welcomed me to the church when I was a newcomer. Again: “the body of Christ, given for you,” she said. 

In my head, I know that communion is something we participate in together, as a church and as the body of Christ worldwide (real Anglican wine and all). But when you are served communion by the first person at the church to know your name—and who later introduced you to her daughter and husband when you crossed paths in town—well, the sense of belonging and awe at the community Jesus brings together sinks in a little deeper. 

These moments have shaped what participating in the Lord’s Supper means to me. And they make me wonder: what does it mean to be invited to the Lord’s Supper, not just by Christ, but by each other? How am I ushering others in to join the feast? 

Let’s keep the story going. Who are some of the people who have welcomed you into the body of Christ and to the Lord’s Supper? Share about it! Then consider asking other people in your life what the Lord’s Supper means to them. Or maybe you’ll ask another faith-story-starting question. (Here are some questions to get you started.) 

If you want to learn more about sharing faith-stories, explore the Faith Storytelling Toolkit or find your FFM regional catalyzer. We’d love to connect with you.

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