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(This is my review of the book by Stephen Liggins "The Good Sporting Life" published by Matthias Media. You can read selected quotes from the book here, and to purchase you own copy, click this link.)

Honestly, I don’t know what cricket is, nor do I enjoy football. Nevertheless that doesn’t stop me of enjoying this new book from Stephen Liggins, The Good Sporting Life.

So what do sports have to do with Christian life? Well basically a lot and more! This book discusses living the faith and doing sports at the same time. If you’re a sports person you’ll love this book more. If you’re not, you’ll still enjoy this book.

The Good Sporting Life lays down how sports and the faith intersect. It's basically a book on Christian living. You’ll read the usual about having a relationship with God, the gospel and habits to cultivate the Christian life (i.e. Bible reading, prayer, worshipping and sharing the gospel). You might say that you have read it somewhere else. However, I was hooked in reading to the end because of two things. One, I feel Liggins' encouraging tone while entering familiar territory. Then two, how these essential faith builders are wrapped with testimonies of sport personalities. You might not know these athletes but you’ll enjoy their stories of conversion, living the Christian life, leading people to Christ and being part of sport related ministries. It’s encouraging also to read these stories and know that in sports there are followers of Christ. You know a handful of Christian players of the sports but knowing these sports persons will provide inspiration to sports.

For me the last two chapters of the book are pure gold. Liggins' advice in these chapters is very insightful and practical for every Christian who wants to get involved in the different levels of the sport spectrum. Whether you’re a parent, a pastor to referees, retired from a sport or more, you’ll enjoy these two chapters. Needless to say Liggins saved the best at the very last of The Good Sporting Life to strengthen the book further.

Two obvious sports that this book didn’t mention are basketball and mixed martial arts. I was expecting to have a discussion on these sports specially how we can view a bloody sport. I would like to know about more Christian athletes in basketball. Then again reading this through the book, I’m already satisfied with it and how it can help us Christians view sports in a biblical and healthy way.

The Good Sporting Life provides encouragement and practical advice for Christians who want to participate in the world of sports. Stephen Liggins' experience, biblical insight, and delightful stories make this book an enjoyable read, though you’ll get the same content in any book about Christian living.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

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