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(This is my review of the book by Geoff Robson "Thank God for Bedtime" published by Matthias Media. You can read selected quotes from the book here, and to purchase you own copy, click this link.)

A theology book about sleep?

Really now?!

Are you serious?!

And if there is such, why should I care or even pick up that book?

We just don’t think much about sleep because we just do it.

But if you think about it, sleeping is something we all do. And the Bible said, "whatever you do do it for the Lord." That certainly includes sleep.

I picked this book to read and review out of curiosity. I also have a book about sleep and an audiobook on rest by David Murray. Being familiar with the topic about sleep, I thought this book would be a walk in a park for me. However, Thank God for Bedtime isn’t just about putting your head on a pillow at night. It’s making most of God by sleeping and beyond.

In this accessible volume, Geoff Robson shows us how important sleep is, not for us but for God. If you think there is nothing to say about sleep biblically then you got it wrong. Finding rest through sleep is more than being unconscious for a few hours; it has deeper implications about how to view God. The Christian life includes plenty of things to do but we shouldn’t take sleep out of the equation. Robson address how sleeping, not sleeping, and oversleeping affects believers in dealing with God and neighbors that we should love. He also takes on social media, productivity, laziness, and more, which are integral to understanding why we do or don’t push the snooze button. However, Robson is also cautious about what this book is not addressing which might be sensitive to others who would pick up this book.

Thank God for Bedtime has an engagingly precise and clear message of how this God-given gift of sleep should be viewed with utmost importance. Robson wrote a book that unfolds to the reader like flowing water. It's easy to reach out and take a drink. You’ll easily be immersed by the topic and be refreshed by a new perspective on sleep. You won’t be disappointed with this book. Highly recommended!

My verdict:

5 out of 5

(Review copy of this book was provided by Matthias Media)

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