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The family is one very unique institution. The Bible frequently refers to family situations. Some favorable, some less so. Some are places of goodness and healing, some are the settings of painful problems. The Bible addresses them all.

Judges Chapter 17 tells of a little family that struggles with situations outrageously problematic and complicated.  

Here are the details, in short. The family consists of a mother and a son. The son’s name is Micah and he is a thief. One day he steals 1,100 silver shekels from his mother. His mother is, understandably, very upset. From the fullness of her indignation she pronounces a curse on the thief and pledges the money to the Lord once the thief has been found. Micah had not figured on such a serious thing as a curse. It scares him. So he goes to his mother, confesses his crime and returns the money. But now the mother has her own problem, thinking it's too bad that all that money will not stay in the family. What to do? Well, she tells Micah that he may keep the money. But Micah, now a bit nervous, declines. In the end the mother compromises: God gets 200 shekels and the 900 stays in the family. The book of Judges relates further complications in this sorry family life, but this is enough for one reading. 

What can we note?

  • Honesty: what an important value in family life; relationships diffused with loving candor, what a blessing. 
  • Generosity: Greed, when allowed its hideous foothold, poisons the moral atmosphere of a family. 
  • Integrity: when cherished as a virtue by the members of a family, relationships will flourish.
  • Faith: Our relationship to God must encompass all of life. Many personal problems stem from a partial faith commitment.
  • Modesty: God is honored in our faithful daily walk of life with Him. Special ministry commitments take serious reflection and prayer. 
  • Community: Believers are not individualistic. When appropriate, they should consult with fellow believers.
  • Uniqueness: No two families are alike. Your family, too, is special in God’s eyes. 

We are covenant people!

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