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The Kingdom of God as COVID slows

And the world peaks out of her lonely caves

Dark, despairing places that they were for so many

And yet for others there was joy in the slowing down

And the paying attention

Why did we rush so much? Buy so much? Do so much?

And miss the sound of the birds and the wind and the quiet

The scent of spring flowers

The family meal with time to laugh and linger

Lord, how did we not notice the faces of the ‘strangers’ handing us our groceries, our mail, our packages?

How did we not see the caregivers, helpers, and first responders?

And say thank you and you matter! Because they do.

Is this the Kingdom we’ve been missing

Your presence in the ‘other’?

Round the Table?

In the beauty and worth of Your creation?

BUT we’re still missing it.

Where is Your Kingdom in the midst of such violence?

Police meant to be EVERY citizen’s protector, PEACE officers practicing cruel hate

Racism rampant, deep in our systems

And our souls…

Help, Lord.

Forgive us, Lord.

Show us Your Way, Lord.

Show us Your Kingdom come near…

We silently, pause and pray, that we might see.

And we lament for Your whole creation groans. (Romans 8:22) May we hear her.

The land mourns and all who live in it languish. Bloodshed follows bloodshed. (Hosea 4:3, 2)

Spirit, we wait for You—make us wait for You!

Teach us how to wait and listen

For perhaps in that silent place

We might hear Your still small voice (1 Kings 19:12)…

We might become more aware of mustards seeds being sown and bubbling yeast (Matthew 13:31-33)

Perhaps, we might also notice that we’re not in control and it’s not about us.

Could there be an invitation in this waiting, watching place

—To enter in as little ones (Matthew 18:3) and be shaped by Your Kingdom Shalom?

—To enter in and be transformed, renewed and reformed by Your mercy and grace?

—To put down yesterday’s manna (has it not become foul? Exodus 16:20)

And pick up today’s with gratitude and meekness;

Trusting it will be enough… for ALL!

Oh, that we might wait and wonder—NOT about what we should do or how—at least not yet—but about …

What You are up to Wise Eternal One…

For You SO LOVE this weary, waning, washed-up, yet beautiful world—for it is YOURS!

Open our hearts, our heads, our hands, to receive Your Kingdom, participate in it and point to it as…

Humble, vulnerable ones

Without answers

As channels of Your peace (Make us channels of Your peace…)

Coming Alongside

Walking with, on Emmaus Roads, listening

Taking nothing

Following You—the Risen, Reigning and Present One,

Your Kingdom Come. Amen.

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