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I’m just gonna say it: I miss my one-year-old being in the church nursery. I miss voices singing next to me. I miss chatting over cookies. What do you miss about church before COVID-19? Share below! 


Singing. And sitting in the pew listening to the sermon taking notes. Somehow it's just not the same online.

I miss taking part in praise and worship. I miss seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ. I miss the hugs.

Definitely congregational singing for me, particularly to the extent that we view corporate worship here as a small picture of the heavenly throng singing praise to God in the vein of Rev. 5:9-14, 14:2-3, and 15:2-4.  For me the congregational singing is the hardest thing to replicate at home.  When I am concentrating on the preaching, I am somewhat in my own little world (sensory-wise), which is easier to replicate at home.  But the singing stimulates my other senses in ways that the preaching doesn't and is difficult to match at home.  Oh, to be in the congregation right now singing this: 

By the sea of crystal
saints in glory stand,
myriads in number,
drawn from every land.
Robed in white apparel,
washed in Jesus' blood,
they now reign in heaven
with the Lamb of God.

Out of tribulation,
death, and Satan's hand,
they have been translated,
at the Lord's command.
In their hands they're holding
palms of victory.
Hark! the jubilant chorus
shouts triumphantly.

"Unto God Almighty,
sitting on the throne,
and the Lamb, victorious,
be the praise alone."
God has wrought salvation;
he did wondrous things.
Who shall not extol thee,
holy King of kings!


Perhaps the most appropriate call to worship for the first corporate gathering after all this may be Psalm 122:1 - I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!”  Perhaps never will the words have been more poignant or heartfelt for many of us.  

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