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Submitted by Pastor Elly Boersma, Pastor of Worship at Covenant Christian Reformed Church in St Catharines, ON, and Endorsed Worship Coach for CRC Worship Ministries. 

Hold up one hand (whoever is leading can ask everyone to do this with them), and use your fingers to guide you through a prayer for God’s people.

  1. Touch your thumb: The thumb is the closest finger to the rest of the body, and it reminds us to pray for those people in our lives who are closest to us.

    1. Family

    2. Friends

    3. Church Members

    4. Our Community

  2. Touch your pointer finger: The pointer finger is used in some cultures to direct where to go, and it points us away from ourselves. It reminds us to pray for people and places we don’t know, for all God’s people around the world. It also reminds us of the great commission, and our call that in our going, we would make disciples of all nations. 

    1. Missionaries

    2. Other nations

    3. Creation

    4. Our calling to share the gospel

  3. Touch your middle finger: The middle finger is used in some cultures to curse, but we use it here to bless. It is your longest finger above all the others, and it reminds us to pray for those in power and authority over us; those who guide, lead, and serve us. 

    1. Prime Minister/President

    2. Those serving in public office - country, province/state, city, region 

    3. Emergency service workers

    4. Health care providers

    5. Law enforcers

    6. Church leaders and pastors

    7. Teachers

    8. Coaches 

    9. Supervisors/Employers

  4. Touch your ring finger: This is our finger most dependent on the others, and it reminds us to pray for those who are vulnerable or powerless.

    1. Those who are lonely

    2. Those who are hungry

    3. Those without homes

    4. Those far from home 

    5. Those who are sick

    6. Those who are persecuted

  5. Touch your pinky finger: This finger is the smallest and the last, and it reminds us to pray for ourselves, thinking of others first, and thinking of how Christ must become greater in our lives. What do you need to receive from God in this moment of prayer, so that you can be a blessing to others? 


I created an adaptation of the Five Finger Prayer that we use with our kids at Sanctuary CRC that is an adaptation of the ACTS Prayer...You can check it out here:


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