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I've been meaning to post this for a while, so we can use this as a guide for some of our prayers concerning the various spheres of influence we have...

"Our vision, a dream for the CRC, that we will be a leading voice, a leader for God’s mission work in NA in the 21st century, not to make our name known or to prove something about reformed faith, at the end of the day, that really doesn’t matter to God, but so that we can give hope and encouragement to other churches in the west.

Also, I pray for the places where we work, everyday for the CR denomination buildings, starting with my office space at 2850 Kalamazoo in Grand Rapids, I pray that these places are places where the fire of the Holy Spirit falls afresh when people pray and work everyday.

And lastly I pray for Home Missions board and staff every day, by name with 5 specific petitions:

1) that we may be full of the Holy Spirit every day, full of the spirit of love, wisdom, and power

2) for unity among us as we become a more diverse body, that we’ll be instruments of peace and reconciliation to make us a model agency for others in the denomination, especially for our relationships, that God will make us a true family and friends that shares not only ministry, but life together

3) that God will send each staff, helpers and ministry partners so that God will multiply our ministry 10, 50 and 100-fold, beyond what we can do on our own

4) that we become a people of prayer, where we work will be a place of prayer with the Holy Spirit’s anointing, that we do ministry in step with the Spirit

5) and for each individual, family, and marriages, that we live holy lives before God, that there will be an overflow of blessings from God, and constant testimonies to witness the power of our Risen Lord in life and ministry """ 

Moses Chung, Director of Home Missions, Synod 2011


yes, I'm grateful for how God is using Moses in the crc to help encourage prayer (#4), the recent prayer summit was a beautiful testimony of one piece of how God is answering that prayer in our denomination... thank You Jesus, for what you are doing in the crc, as part of Your Bride...

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