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During advisory committee sessions at Synod 2010, delegates will have times of reflection and dialogue based on Bill Hull's The Disciplemaking Pastor. I read it years ago, and now reflecting on going back to a disciplemaking mode in my life and ministry again. (Been nurtured through a Navigators group in the Philippines in my early years in the faith.) So my series of questions are: has any of you read this book — or perhaps Jesus Disciplemaker, The Disciplemaking Church, Training of the Twelve? But not just having read any of these. Has anyone become passionately convinced that discipling or disciplemaking is your primary calling as a pastor or church leader? If so, are you actually doing it? And how? With two elders currently praying and preparing to co-lead a discipleship small group in our church, we're about to embark on it. Would be great to learn from others in the CRC community. Thanks in advance!


WOW, how did it take me this long to read this post?  My apologies livingcrc.

If you read my blogs in this section of the CRC Network, you will certainly find that I believe very strongly that the the primary calling of the church is to make disciples who partner with God in his mission to redeem the world.  Of course the primary calling of the pastor is to equip the saints to works of ministry.  But as a pastor I very much believe that part of the equipping is discipling others.  But of course we must all primarily work within our giftings, that is to say discipling another person(s) may not be our passion, but it is still a calling for all Christians.

I am always mentoring one or two people at different levels in their discipleship journey.  I believe that every small group plays a part in the discipling process for every member in the congregation because everyone must be a disciple.  Too many people are locked into a "Bible Study" and know a lot about the Bible but have never lead someone to Christ nor ventured into  serving outside of their comfort zone or the four walls of the church.  I do not believe that is partnering in the mission of God.  So yes, I am out their doing it and modeling it for my congregation.... as best I can.


BTW, did those elders get the groups going?  Be sure to look at the resources on the small group page here for articles on starting groups, coaching leaders etc.

Let me know if there is a particular resource you are looking for.

Hi Allen, good thing we're all under grace! No one with a more-than-half-year-delayed blog reply is late! Sorry for that long hyphenated compund word I just invented. I'm part of the Leadership Exchyange ministry working on renewing intentional disciplemaking to become a core part of our ministry culture in the CRC. Please expect to be contacted as I will be coming up with a list (and a network) of those who passionate practitioners of what you wrote on mentoring/disciplemaking. Next time though, can you reply a bit more swiftly? (smile)

Fernando del Rosario, a ministry associate and a disiciplemaking dude from Hayward CA

Hi Allen, it took me awhile to forgive your very late response to my posting. -:) Bottomline, I forgive you - and I hoipe you'd forgive me too for this equally late response. Good to know we're all under grace!

Allen, this is to alert you that I'll be sending you a separate email to request you to critique and contribute to a paper we at Leadership Exchange is currently drafting. It's a paper on Intentional Discipleship & Disciple-Making (IDDM) through a program we call 1:1 CHALLENGE. I will also be asking you and a few others with a passion for disciplemaking in the church to join a soon-to-be-formed advisory group for IDDM.

So as a "forgiven" Network Guide, Ihope to hear from you... sooner than later. Thanks!

Fernando del Rosario (aka, livingcrc)

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