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It seems like summer just started and yet it's approaching the end of July already. Fall plans are kicking into gear looking forward to ministry kickoffs in September.  

So how has your summer been going?  Perhaps you've taken some vacation or still have some get away's planned with the family or friends; one more camping trip or a cross-country jaunt to see the relatives.  That's often the case for those of us in ministry who often find ourselves far from home.  I hope your summer is going as good or even better than mine.  So far it's been a blast.  I need to get some more fly fishing in but that will come.  Spring and fall are my favorite times to fly fish anyway.

At the moment I'm "batching" it while my wife is off visiting family in Ontario.  I spend my time working probably more than I should.  I'm reading, writing and performing/playing music and always thinking it seems.  And lately I've been thinking more and more about all the possibilities that small groups hold for our church.  

It just so happens that this fall, like Rev. James Dekker's church, we're starting The Story campaign which will run for about 31 weeks beginning in October.  I've been going through the small group stuff and looking at the curriculum and am esctatic that it will fit our church well.  Our people are already talking about how awesome the campaign is going to be since we will all be studying the same thing from cradle to grave.

What I'm really hoping for is a greater commitment to small groups since no one wants to feel left out when every one around them is talking about the same thing.

As I was thinking about this on my back patio enjoying a homebrew and watching the sunset over the San Juan mountains, I wondered how many of you have hopes and dreams for your small group ministry too.  I wonder if, like me, you dream big things that only God can pull off -- things that will grow and root people deeper in Jesus.

Maybe you could use some help with those dreams for your small group ministry at your church. Maybe there's something you'd like to see written about here in the small group network that isn't yet covered but would be a real blessing to everyone especially those, like yourself who have big dreams but are not sure how to go about even starting or drumming up interest and ethusiasm.

I'd love to hear from you on this.  I'm sticking around as the guide for awhile yet and, while we have new topics and ideas coming down the pike, I'd love to hear yours and would be happy to either write something myself or get in some guest bloggers who are more proficient than I am on certain topics.

Let me know.

'til next time.

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