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Adom, thank you so much for you insight. I took two of my organists to a great music store last week to test out some digital organs (they found the Viscount Legend to have the best feel) but they felt completely overwhelmed by the impending learning curve transitioning over to a digital organ would require. That being said, they would not pack their music and leave if we were to go that route.  Without conventional stops and swell peddles, they felt a little lost and could not consider it a "real" organ. An additional concern is then for guest organists for weddings and funerals and how they would feel playing a digital organ.

It will actually cost us more to keep our current Allen organ, purchase and mount new speakers, get it serviced, and then have it rewired in it's new home in the sanctuary. That being said, I don't want to completely overwhelm our very faithful organists nor end up with a digital organ that we fail to get to sound like a true organ (a necessity to not frighten the older members of our congregation).

Personally, I am feeling 50/50 on the decision but the more input the better!

Thank you, Doug. If we do decide to keep our Allen organ, I will definitely use this info to select a sufficient mic. Question for you: Where are your organ speakers placed in your sanctuary? I recently had a suggestion to have speakers both in the front as well as in the back.

Amen, churches do need beauty to help direct us towards God! The organists did not find that they could get a comparable sound out of the organs we tested. 

Kevin, your input is appreciated. Because it would be for recording purposes then yes, I agree with the microphone route (I'm sure the options out there have come a long way since our original congregational mic). The instrument is in good working order, though it is nearly 36 years old. We have never had any major issues with it. We are trying our best to find the balance, as you stated,, with serving out congregation but also being future-minded. 

We want to hear from you.

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