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Our churches have not joined the two programs. I question any advantages that a joined program would have. I believe we would have more behavioral issues. Without sounding sexist and all the other labels, girls and boys are different. As a rule they have different talents, needs and gifts. For ninety minutes twice a month, they can hang out with just boys or just girls. For twenty plus days a month, they are together. If a church cannot find counselors, this isn't a good solution. Perhaps adult members need to take the vows they made at the children's baptisms a little more seriously.

I so agree with you! Why do we feel that we must have drums, guitars, mics that break the sound barrier? If I cannot hear myself, or more importantly the people praising God around me, it feels as if our voices are inconsequential. My church has, by God's grace, not fallen into the louder-than-tolerable worship. Once in a while we have someone on drums or guitars, but these stay within the accompaniment ranges. Thanks for posting!

My husband and I are both worship planners.We strive to make the services cohesive and follow the general theme of that service. We are always amazed how God then takes our humble efforts and makes the services meaningful and fitting.

It's an interesting picture. I looked for a place in the meeting plan that reads and proclaims God's Holy Word. It felt rootless to me, somehow. The assumption that people come to be entertained is not backed up. Can we think of ways to engage community and still maintain the place of Scripture when we meet? Is there to be a core of beliefs? If so, how is it taught and maintained? Tell us more about this.

Scott makes some great points. We do honor "celebrities" in our circles. However, he could have made the point without accusing Trump voters of (near) murder. That didn't enhance his argument at all.

I totally agree with Alex. I, too, would have missed going to church on Sunday if our church only had one service each week while I was working as a nurse. I think we need to make the second service a "gentle" expectation of our professing members.  This is an excellent time to dig deeper into God's Word and offer our thanks and praise to him.


Thanks for this good article. I love 6-year-old logic also! He sounds like a thinker. Also thank you for noting that the word justice or its opposite, injustice seems ill defined lately. I have even read articles in the Banner that fail to fully define what the author(s) mean by the term. Sometimes it seems that people mean an eye for an eye and other times it seems they mean a type of socialism--it's unjust for me to have more than my neighbor. I hope we can be open about what it really means to have a just, yet merciful heavenly Father.

There is so much wrong with this article it is hard to know where to start. First, whether or not the President made this remark is not certain. It was alleged by a person that hates the President and all that he stands for. Secondly, while such language is not a good idea for anyone to use, I wonder where the writer of this blog was when previous presidents have used salty or vulgar language. Did the writer express the same outrage when the previous President used the same terminology publicly speaking about Libya? Please use a little, good old 'mote-in-your-own-eye' thinking.


Give more time to prayer, specifically how I can come in contact with those that are un- or under-churched. I want to ask God to lead me forward in this area.


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