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Because of the floods in our area, my wife and I worshipped with our congregation, but on line, in Chilliwack, B.C.  Our church is Cornerstone CRC.


Cornerstone CRC in Chilliwack is working through a sermon series challenging people to reflect on their Christmas spending habits shifting the focus on getting to giving, but not to those already richly blessed but those struggling.  The series is entitles "Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less, Give More".  


As per the Psalms there is little that we cannot bring before our God in prayer.  He accepts our thanksgiving but also listens to our frustrations, fears and hurts. I read The Network I often alert our pastor, worship director, youth pastor and admin to articles they might find interesting and helpful....a life time habit.

I often wonder whether the term "servant leadership" is applied to too limited a number of "positions".  Because God has equipped people with different skills and opportunities, leadership can be exercised in many different ways.  Leadership is not limited to pastors, elders, deacons or "educated", that is "schooled" folk, but is attainable to almost all and comes to expression if a variety of ways.  Leadership and expertise go together but it is when expertise is acknowledged and allowed to be exercised within the context of a community of servants of all kinds that a Christian community can flourish and demonstrate the sprinkling of God's gifts and grace to all people.

Hi Keith

Thank you so much for your response and concerns.  As a member of the planning team I want to assure you that we are working to ensure that our conversations and discussion at The Gathering will focus on the role of the church in local communities and Canadian society.  We want to see all members of the CRC engaged in living the good news to the benefit of our local communities and our country, perhaps extending to other nations as well.  We would love to see a cadre of people equipped to assist local congregations to become engaged locally as they live out Christ's mission recorded in Luke 4 and Matthew 28.  Rather than "just" head "knowledge" we hope that gatherers will return to their own congregations and classes with possible action plans or items.  We hope that these will consist of very practical suggestions and that classes throughout Canada will "see" and acknowledge representatives from their areas as people who have developed some insight and plans for local action.


John Vanderhoek

What a deeply moving story!  Christ's love and people's abilities to share don't depend on intellect and musical ability, just a deep love for the Lord and a desire to share that love.

Interesting....but are pastors not charged with equipping people in their congregations to exercise pastoral care when and where it mis needed?

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