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Thank you very much, Jane, for sharing your experiences of the conference!  Sounds like you came home re-energized to share in this challenging and valuable ministry!

Thank you very much for sharing Bart!  Sounds like an excellent play!

Here's some more background: In Canada, the Mennonite Central Committee promotes the Circle of Grace program as well as other educational resources. They are adding their #MeToo stories, lamenting how experiences of abuse are found amidst their ministries. Together with Canadian theatre company, Theatre of the Beat, they are presenting performances of #ChurchToo across Canada this fall. Nine playwrights from across North America have each written a scene to explore the realities of sexual misconduct, power, and abuse within our church communities. 

Although the stories arise from the Mennonite context, your safe church teams might appreciate the recognition that nobody is alone in the Body of Christ and together we strive for God’s kingdom where all will have safety. They have been performing across Canada this fall.


For more information on how we at Safe Church respond to abuse and support healing, check  out our website:

Thank you!  Even though you weren't at the event, I'm glad to share my reflections with you - so we can continue supporting one another in this ministry!  I am grateful for your ministry in creating and sustaining safe places!

Thanks very much for your reflections, Mark.  It strikes me as an important question for all peoples, living with or without a disability.  Instead of displaying our credentials/titles which the world seems to value/uplift, how might we display our holy living as a follower of Jesus - responding to what God calls us to be.  Often, it is tempting to identify myself as ordained/in a particular role/where I've attended school so folks treat me "well" and not make assumptions about my dis/abilities - but it is much more effective if they have time to see how I strive to live (listening with compassion, joking with humour, supporting with love) as well as the nouns I hold!  Thank you.

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