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Robyn, beautifully said. Thank you for articulating the struggle so well. May your future hold increasingly more glimpses of the light. 

Good day William.  I became widowed three years ago at the young age of 50. The struggle is REAL; the lack of resources is REAL. After creating a lengthy checklist for myself, I have wondered if I could help others navigate this path a little more smoothly, and have continued to compile information, and read books on grief.  The one I would highly suggest is "From One Widow to Another" by Miriam Neff. She includes a section on how churches can help widows. She also has a website "" with beneficial resources.  To me, the only thing worse than being a widow, is to be a widow in a 3rd world country where they are stripped of all their rights and left destitute. I admire Miriam for trying to make a difference for these widows through the proceeds of her books. 

Miriam makes some astute observations that though there are 103 references in the Bible to show that widows are close to God's heart, they are often overlooked in churches and communities. Her stats are regarding widows, but would resonate regarding widowers as well: "Approximately 50 percent leave the church they attended as a couple." "We lose 75 percent of our friendship network when we become one. Sixty percent of us experience serious health issues in that first year." "Most experience financial decline". 
I am also familiar with the Stephen's Ministry books, and find the set a beautiful gift. I recommend that every church use it as a resource for their grieving members. The books are however, meant as an emotional support, not a resource to navigate the multitude of details. 
How amazing it would be for the church to be at the forefront of support in the midst of devastating loss.
Thank you for your inquiry.
Caroline Kralt, (Ontario)

On behalf of those with MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, I am hoping that churches will be careful what products they choose for their increased vigilance in disinfecting.  Some people are mistaken in thinking they need to use harsher products like bleach to ward off Covid. The key is in frequency of cleaning, not so much the product. And in the diligence of the congregation to wash their hands and touch as little as possible in the building.
Please, members, if you are going to carry around hand sanitizer, choose one that does not have any added scent, and be careful of all the unapproved ones. 

regards, Caroline

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