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At our church there is a fill in the blank sermon guide available to everyone.  I take the sermon guide and make a four page booklet for the older kids - the cover has a word search using words from the sermon guide, inside is the sermon guide and a part about how to pray since we are doing a series on prayer right now.  The back page is random - a place to write a question about the service, a dot to dot to fill in, interesting facts about a sermon series, etc.  I want it to be a combination of useful and fun because we all remember how 'boring' church was at that age :-)   Sometimes we have had a contest and they bring their filled in sheets to the welcome centre and they could get a simple prize like a sucker.  

As a parent with kids with different needs I like the idea of a church hiring a worship service care attendant.  There would be a specific person we would connect with who could answer questions and step in and help with no judgement.  What kind of training would this person have?

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