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Thank you for the reminder that the Church is the people! Often we talk about "going to church" when we are actually going to participate in a communal worship service conducted by the church. The Church is more than its worship, even as the worship of the Church is important. 

Thank you for writing this essay! I especially appreciate the emphasis on reaching out to our communities after the pandemic. I would like to encourage our churches to consider running Alpha courses, as it creates intimate community and effectively proclaims the gospel.



Thank you for the reply. I appreciate the good work that Coffee Break is doing to train their leaders. The Lord has used Coffee Break to bless many ladies in our faith community. I will keep CB in mind as I seek to learn more about leading small groups. 

Thank you,



Thank you for letting me know that you folks use Rightnowmedia. So do we, but I've not used it much for small group purposes, although I know some of our people have done that. I guess I will have to investigate this tool further. 

Thank you!

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