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The post has been edited to add US! Thanks for Canadian info.  If individuals would like to post blogs pertinent to Canada, let me know!

Hi all,

Churches typically cancel activities (meetings, worship services) if there is a tornado watch posted for the start time of the event or one hour before.  Also, church buildings should be closed to all if the power is off. The office does not close due to a tornado watch.  If there is a tornado warning during office hours, the office staff are in the basement.

Hi Karl,
I just read this article (the church admin guide) and loved it! Thanks for sharing your great passion for deaconal ministry. Sheri Laninga

If you look under Church Admin & Finance, Ministry Organization and look at the resources, you will find a sample mandate for an Administration Team.  The Finance Team is a subset of this team that meets when needed for budget and stewardship related matters. 

The Building and Grounds Team is also a subset of this team in this model and usually meets monthly, often working on projects for part or all of their scheduled time.  A member of the Administration Team serves on the Finance Team (a sample mandate also on the site under Finance resources) and a member serves on the Building and Grounds Team in addition to a member serving on the Personnel Team in this model. The Administration Team is a subset of Council so you have a council connect for both of your teams.

Hi Michael: 

Here are a couple resources that may be helpful for you: 

The first is a blog (found here) that includes brief background on Bylaws as well as a sample church Bylaws document. 

Second, there was a communication (found here) that came out August 2015 about some revisions to the articles due to issues with same-sex marriage. 



My church doesn't list all the staff salaries including the pastor on the budget sheet but if someone wants a breakdown of the salaries, they are welcome to request more information from the leadership.  This gives leadership an opportunity to address and educate the inquiring person on the process of review prior to setting compensation and benefits.

Sales Force is being used by some staff at CRC's and is also being used at the denominational offices.  The Church and Web network has some articles and blogs on the subject--enter "Sales Force" in the search. Other churches may find some very useful information on using Sales Force at your church.

I think there may be a review of CRC's and their software. I'll check on Monday with the person who may know and get back to you. We use access at my church also.

I google searched on the subject and didn't come up with anything that really fit well with what you are looking for as a starting point.  It would be great to add this sample resource under the web "Church Finance and Admin Resources" when you have an approved document.

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