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If you check out Church Finance and Administration Resources, you will find "Sample Church #2 Council Responsibilities" under Church Organization and Administration/Administration.  This is from a church similar in size.  Also, I know of another church about that size who is redoing two of  their staffing positions to have 1) one position work with deacons and equipping them and the church for diaconal work and 2) the other position work with elders and other members in equipping them for providing care in the congregation.  If you want more information on those positions, post a comment. The goal with these positions is to equip the members to serve.  This church is interested in developing the gifts of its members and not just "hiring" staff to do the ministry.

Zondervan's Church and Nonprofit Tax Guide states that the "payment of the love offering is taxable and subject to payroll tax treatment...."  There are three exceptions noted but these don't seem to fit the situation.  It would be advisable for you to speak with a tax advisor to receive definitive word on this question.

We have used friendship registers at church for years and find them very valuable. A couple members take turns each week with entering attendance on the spreadsheet. In addition to guest information, we track member attendance also because we are a larger church. The elders then have information if one of the members hasn't attended in the last month.

Another church I know has a group of members come in every Monday morning and send out the guest letters after tracking attendance. Others have a team for visiting with fresh homemade cookies.

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Brookside (in the US) offered health insurance to those regularly scheduled to work 30 hours per week or more. It was set up that we would cover 100% of the individual health insurance coverage. If a person wanted family coverage, we covered 65% of the cost of family coverage over individual coverage. In the US, churches that are covered through the denominational plan now have an option for an HSA plan. If a church changes to this lower cost insurance with a higher deductible, then the cost structure to the employee may also change. Did your church change to an HSA plan lately? How did you restructure? What are you doing with coverage?

Our church calls this ministry area "connections."  The connections area is not just about welcoming but also fellowship activities.  Our ushers still come under "Worship" but our Welcoming Center, Sunday coffee, Discovering Membership, the "Fun Bunch," etc.  are all ministries in the area of "connections."

The "Fun Bunch" plans multigenerational fellowship activities throughout the year such as Dinner for Eight, Harvest Festival, Summer Picnic, Talent Night, Chili Cookoff,  and whatever new thing they come up with!

Hi all,
How do churches equip members to assist elders in pastoral care? Do any churches have a pastoral care team that assists with sending cards, regular visits, phone calls, etc?

Hi Randy,

The samples include a description for treasurer and assistant treasurer.  I'm working on the President, Clerk, etc.--good idea! I'll get back to you with info on preparing minutes also.  Thanks for the great comments!


Hi all,

I responded by email but missed the post under comments.  I have contacted a few churches and now have a sample from another church with a few duties listed for chairs. You will find "Sample Church #2 Council Responsibilities"  under "Church Organization and Administration" and then "Administration."  Hope this helps.  I'll continue to look for other resources.

The post has been edited to add US! Thanks for Canadian info.  If individuals would like to post blogs pertinent to Canada, let me know!

Hi all,

Churches typically cancel activities (meetings, worship services) if there is a tornado watch posted for the start time of the event or one hour before.  Also, church buildings should be closed to all if the power is off. The office does not close due to a tornado watch.  If there is a tornado warning during office hours, the office staff are in the basement.

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