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Friendship CRC, Byron Center, MI. Thankful for the staff and community of grace there. 

Thank you, Laura! Thank you for reminding us to be curious. God is up to something - and we may not always understand but I pray that the Spirit will continue to move in mighty ways. Even through Calvin, even through us. And btw, I want to thank you for that sermon on Colossians a few weeks ago at the Worship Symposium. I have shared the link to it with many friends because of the truth you spoke so well and the impact it had on me and others. 

Not In It To Win It: Why Choosing Sides Sidelines the Church, by Andy Stanley

Help Is Here, by Max Lucado

Christians and Politics: Uneasy Partners, by Philip Yancey 

Surprised by Hope, By N.T. Wright (reading again)

Dee, you were such a rock in the DO and especially during Synod. You are the master of preparations and care for delegates - you will be so missed. But, I'm also so happy for you - well done! And many blessings for the next chapter. 

Thank you for this beautiful reminder - I am celebrating this. 


Thank you, Elaine! I was going to ask you for this speech, but didn't dare. Now I'm so glad you've shared it this way, and it allows me to share with others, too. Thank you for this clear overview. Praying for you, all of the gifted women and men in the CRC, and the church as it moves forward. 


I love the old and the new - there is beauty and truth in both. Our desire to worship God with our whole being sometimes puts us into camps where we feel most comfortable. But as we are being made new in Christ, our worship must connect to the 'ancient' truths and also be new and fresh. Don't get me wrong, the old songs can impact us in a fresh way as much as the new. Maybe those who feel strongly for one or the other could benefit from reading a new book called, "Flow", by Lester Ruth. Here is a description: “Flow (the book) seeks to provide guidance to mainline congregations who sense that their contemporary services are clunky and lack full vitality,” said Ruth. “The book meets that goal by bringing insights about achieving good flow in worship from the originators of contemporary worship into conversation with early patristic sources. 

Thank you for this, Jon. Very timely and important. 


Thank you so much, Syd. This is so timely for us as a church and a denomination. I'm grateful for your wise, humble words. 


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