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Working through an Advent series called "No Room: The Gospel for Outcasts & Ragamuffins." Inspired by the experience of Mary and Joseph arriving in Bethlehem and finding no room, it takes a look at stories from Luke of Jesus intentionally making room in God's Kingdom for people who were generally pushed to the fringes or excluded by the community - people who were constantly told that they there was no places for them (lepers, paralytics, tax collectors and sinners, tortured souls, etc). 

The underlying application/encouragement is that we are all outcasts and Ragamuffins of the kingdom, and yet, through the birth, the door was opened and room was made for us. 

Thanks for pointing that out - I certainly didn't mean to repeat topics. I obviously didn't look hard enough before posting. :-)

Church Order has a system of a checks and balances for accountability set-up in order to prevent things like this from happening.  The elders do not have the authority to make such a unilateral decision.  The COUNCIL may suspend a pastor, but that suspension is then reported to classis who will ensure that the suspension is justified and that proper follow-up is taking place to resolve the conflict leading to the suspension.  Church order prohibits our congregations from "firing" a pastor whenever and for whatever reason they want.  If classis hasn't been brought into this yet, that MUST happen ASAP.  The situation is not healthy for the pastor, elders, council, or church.  Get help.  And even as a church member, you can contact classis personal yourself and ensure the ball gets rolling.  My heart breaks for you and the church at this difficult and confusing time.

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