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Good idea, Laura. We have done similar things in our gathering area. We also have materials for parents/guardians to use/borrow at the adult waiting area outside the Children and Worship rooms. It gives them something to peruse while they wait for their children to be dismissed. I have done a gift subscription to The Little Christian for my grandson--it's a winner!

What exactly is the problem? Did this question arise from the storyteller's real, internal dialogue with the story? Storytellers must do the inner work; they need to find their own authentic questions. Perhaps if the storyteller doesn't have any real questions, the best response is silence.

Wondering is a dialogue between the storyteller, the children, and God. Thus, the storyteller listens with empathy and responds in ways that keep the conversation open and allow the children to continue working with the ideas.

I wonder what part of the story is about you? I wonder what part of the story is about me?

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