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The internet has been wonderful in this aspect: I have never seen these reports at my church (not being an officer & never will be) & never will see these reports there. It seems reports referred to are not available to the average member. If so, could provide a link in this report. I would be interesed in the report referred to in #7, in particular.

Suggest: that congregations encourage membership to 'shop' at Faith Alive before using other sources; promote the catalogue in the congregation--or would that not help the bottom line?

But there are issues that are different in Canada from the USA, approaches that are  different; perhaps it is a good time for the Cdn church to work separately in parts, together in parts, while the USA church is strengthened by the CRC & RCA becoming one.

These principles I would like to see enacted at my church, with consideration to help the largish senior  population with preparedness. There is a lot of information from the provincial gov't for 72 hr, preparedness, and from the Salvation Army on how to be ready to participate in a community emergency. And to be ready to handle a medical emergency when there are a lot of people in the building--worship service, etc., incl.  evacuation of the sanctuary etc. How does one interest the Council in the importance of this. Disabilites vary among the folk, of course, yo br included in the planning.

"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem"

The links on the  referred to article below is only available to paying subscribers. An article in the Banner would be great to get the conversaion going (apologies if there has been one) I have submitted a proposal, but it is not getting any priority, it eeems. Ours is an aging congregation, I could be more forceful.


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