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In British Columbia, we have permission to resume public worship in June. Services will be limited to 50 in attendance and with all the provincial health protocols in place. Our space allows for this and we will also be continuing with live streaming the services for those of the congregation who choose to stay home for health or other personal reasons. We have yet to develop a strategy for members to either sign-up or be put on rotation, but those are just details. It's exciting to resume and our first service will include installation of new council members and Communion.

Hi Leon,

Good question, how do we start well? And what did the Anglican priest refer to when he/she said the first six months make all the difference? I'm just trying to visit everyone between now and the great melt.

Is it possible that Synod could have done the right thing? Is it possible that Synod could have done the wrong thing? I ask that question regularly. I'm saddened by how often the answer is no. 

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