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Thank you Bonnie and Mark. As an Expreesive Artist I have gained much insight  from collaging  images.  I would encourage non-disabled adults to participate in childlike activities  so that they can experience the freedom and wonder of God.

I envy those with childlike eyes their ability to simply experience the wonders of God.  And not get entangled in appearances. 

I would highly recommend the Stephen's Ministry resources. Very foundational training for lay pastoral care   teams. I would also recommend employing a Parish Nurse or the equivalent.

Pastoral care teams need someone to train, encourage and support their work. Also keeps workers accountable. 

Our churches need to prepare for the complexities of pastoral care needs within our communities.


Posted in: Fading Away!

Ken, thank you for sharing. I think there are many of us finding our world is getting smaller and smaller. 

I am looking for ways to stay in touch with my church family and how to worship corporately.

How have you managed to do this?


Mark, can you tell me whether the comments written with authorship of Disability Concerns are only you or are these responses part of a team?

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