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Thanks Herman! I met some of these of "The Greatest Generation" yesterday while speaking at Landsmeer Ridge Retirement Community in Orange City, Iowa. Almost every man in attendance was a WWII Veteran and almost every woman was a widow of a WWII Veteran. Thanks be to God for the service and sacrifice of this generation!

We've not sung it yet as a congregation, but our annual Easter choir is planning to sing "Is He Worthy", written and recorded by Andrew Peterson and also recorded by Chris Tomlin on his new album Holy Roar, which is based on the book by the same title that Tomlin co-authored with his pastor, Darren Whitehead, inspired by the seven words of Hebrew praise. It's an absolutely beautiful, call-and-response song, whose lyrics ask and answer several questions about our world, our hope, our triune God, and as reflected in the title, our Savior and Lord, Jesus.

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