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Our church, First CRC of Barrie,  is in the mist of clearing out our VBS storage room, and we have come across many used VBS curriculum and supplies, that are in usable condition. We were wondering if anyone would be interested in this material. If your church is in need of FREE VBS CURRICULUM...

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We are wondering how other churches handle VBS volunteers. Should we just use church members, or accept the help of parents, etc. Their help would be welcome, but would they need background checks? 

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I am looking for the music director's booklet and the DVD of the VBS curricula Beach Party: Surfin’ Through the Scriptures. 

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The fine folks at the Center for the Ministry of Teaching (Virginia Theological Seminary) have done the legwork to find Vacation Bible School materials that are easy to use and theologically sound. 

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Recap video of a wonderful VBS experience at Anaheim CRC.

71 children in attendance.

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Vacation Bible School was a family affair for us. It was a time of prayer, snacks, cleaning up messes, and much more. In case you are also part of VBS, I wanted to share two resources I love! 

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How do you hope to see faith being formed and disciples being made?

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Recommended steps for child safety this summer.

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It’s summertime, and that means school is out and your church is most likely working on its summer programming. Your church can take a few simple steps so that every child will feel welcomed and included in your summer activities.

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This website provides free resourced developed by volunteers from around the globe, that can be used for fun, active summer programming.

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Looking for SonWorld VBS decorations, crafts, etc.

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VBS is a special time. Try these ideas for building a summer ministry team and planning an unforgettable week for your kids!  

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I would like to give away used VBS materials. They're mostly complete, and if it's missing something I think it's noted inside the box. It's free for the taking, just contact me.

If you have any suggestions about what to do with VBS material once it has been used, please feel free to...

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Depending on where you live, your VBS program is likely to be somewhere between VERY HOT and UNBEARABLY HOT. Kids and leaders need relief from the heat. Try these ideas to keep everyone cool(er), and happier too.

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Read an overview of how churches can do VBS WITH the community, a paper by Monika Grasley.

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This summer our church (Kitchener, Ontario Canada) ran an evening VBS. Do any other churches out there do this? What are the keys to it being successful? We want to try it again in 2011, but we want to get wise to better ways of doing things.

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We are looking for a script for teenagers to act out a bible story. The script should have a running time of about 15-20 min. and have at least 10 speaking parts. Last year we did 'Esther' and it was just great! Any suggestions for this year?

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HI! We're looking for SonWorld Adventure Park materials from Gospel Light. This is 2 years old, so they don't have the poster etc. Thanks!

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A few years ago my children attended the Tumbleweed Gulch vbs in a neighboring church. This VBS had a Western theme. We are very interested in using the Tumbleweed curriculum in our church this year. We got most of the materials, but are still missing the drama and promo dvd (with music videos/...

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This page is PACKED with resources that will help your kids join in the work of World Renew as they share the love and compassion of Christ with others.

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Oops, I'm sorry I missed part of your question.  Former VBS participants should be treated like any other adult volunteer.  Sadly it cannot be assumed that younger children are safe with teens.  I have found it difficult to get many church members to appreciate the risk so it is wise to get the information from Safe Church as the other contributor mentioned.

I have been in a ministry where we did allow some volunteers limited duties without the full police check - ONLY if they are never left alone with children and are under the direction of fully screened volunteers.  In essence they become more people to keep track of.   For example volunteers helping out in the kitchen who have no direct contact with the children.  It is not my preference.

Hi, at Nelson Avenue Community Church (CRC) in Burnaby, BC we have a Safe Church protocol that requires all those who work with children, youth and lead adults to have filled out an application with 2 references, attend an interview, have a criminal record check and attend Safe Church training and yearly refreshers. This is for all people including the parents of the children in the ministries. Our denominational Safe Church Ministry would be able to help you with that. 

Thanks so much for the information.

Hi Kathie, 

I'm Karen DeBoer from Faith Formation Ministries. Although I don't have access to the resource you're searching for, I can suggest another place you might post your question. There is a Facebook page for Church Educators and it's a wonderful place for gathering and sharing ideas and for getting to know others in educational ministry---including those who plan and lead VBS. A Facebook search for 'Church Educators' should get you there. Hope that helps!

So sorry, my extras went to the gospel missions nearby. God bless your VBS!


Looking for SonWorld VBS decorations, crafts, etc.


Thank you for your inquiry, but that one was the first to go. :) To Florida, no less! I don't have any pieces of it left. 



Is it too late to obtain any of the Beach Party Surfin' the Word VBS material?  Our church held this VBS in 2008 and had a great time.  We loaned everything to another church, who then loaned it to another... we never did get the VBS Music or anything else returned to us.  Currently, we're trying to decorate the children's hallway with a "Memory Lane" type theme... and we're wanting to have different items from each VBS along the years.  Any kind of material, craft project, bulletin, poster, etc. would be greatly appreaciated. 

thank you, Ronna

No, I am sorry ! The Beach Party materials went to Florida. :) How cool is that?


Do you still have the Beach Party materials?   We could really use them!


I am so sorry, but I passed on my extra VBS material to local gospel missions for their summer activities! May God bless your search for VBS material. 

Our church is located in Lancaster, Pa. I am looking for the youth leader guide for Panda Mania. Do you have it and could we borrow it?

You re such a blessing, that is awesome! Give us a call and we can give you the shipping info.

Thank you!


Jeremy, I would be happy to send ours to you. I could send pics of what we have, but I'll also list the contents here:

Beach Party Preview DVD

Beach Party Music Video DVD

Beach Party Adventure Video for Assembly Time DVD/CD-Rom: this includes puppet dialogue and scripts in PDF format

Beach Party Student Take-Home CD-Rom

Beach Party Bible Storyteller & Sound Effects CD

1 each of the Beach Party Student handbook for Preschool, Kindergarten, Young Elementary, Middle Elementary and Pre-teen

Beach Party Director book

1 set of Preschool/Kindergarten Bible Story Posters and 15 or so sticker sets for 5 lessons

1 envelope of varous stickers and posters for Beach Party VBS

Books for Bible storyteller, Music Leader, Decorating guide, Discovery Time Leader, Preschool/Kindergarten leader, Assembly leader, Kindergarten fun pages-reproducible, Preschool fun pages-reproducible, Snack leader guide


all in a fun beach bag...

How do you want to handle shipping costs?



Hello, my name is Jeremy, my father is the director of Student Ministries at St. James UMC in Sarasota FL.  We have been looking everywhere for the Beach Party Surfin through the Scriptures VBS material.  We would love to be able to to get that curriculum.  We did it when it originally came out, but then donated it to another church.  I remember it being one of my favorites.  Please let us know if there is a chance we could get it from you.

Thank you so much!

My former professor, Lloyd Arnett, from Trinity Western University in Langley, BC, has a few plays that are biblically based, and that are great for teens. Particularly "The Bethany Improvisation", which is an interview of Mary, Martha and Lazarus is impactful and deeply rooted in the scriptures.

Also, you may want to check out the organization "CITA" -- Christians in Theater Arts -- they have many, many connections for scripts, playwrights, actors, etc., etc.

I know it's been a while since you asked, but hopefully this will help you and/or others who may need to find this still.

I just talked to someone about when churches generally do VBS. I've seen a broad range of dates from the beginning of summer, right after the church school season ends all the way to the end of summer, to build momentum for the new season to come. I tend to favor the second approach because it allows your church to build meaningful connections with the community just as you're signing up new kids for the fall kick off of Sunday school and other ministries. What goes into your thinking when you schedule VBS? Why do you choose the date that you do?