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As a young adult, I have always struggled with "crossing the line." What amount of alcohol is ok to drink? How violent or sexual of a movie is ok to watch? Is it the same for all of us as Christians, or is there a different line for everyone?

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Hi Cindy my name is Ken, I'm not a pastor or official of any sort except a husband and father of three in the age that you are most likely in at the momnent. First let  me apologize , for not responding sooner. You guys deserve better respect and support. Now the question, you already know what is good and bad the question is how strong are you in your faith to expose yourself to this? What does it do to others? I could tell you the standard and practical solutions that most Christians will say but t I sense your asking a larger questions. Think of due's instead of the don;ts. Unselfish love that is structured from wisdom of the Holy Spirit should be your guide. Keep your eye's open everything is there.

Hi, I agree with Ken - sorry for not responding earlier. These are tough questions that you are asking but I am sure many young adults across North America are asking the same questions - how far is too far with drinking, sexual conduct etc. As Ken mentioned the Holy Spirit must be your guide.  Dig deep into God's Word - it speaks to every situation. The more you understand Scripture the easier the decisions will be. Please don't misunderstand - it's aways tough to make the right decision when other Youth Adults do not have the same convictions as you do when it comes to 'how far is too far'. Be strong, trust God to guide you, be sensitive to His Whisper and move ahead boldly in His name. Constantly read His Word, seek council from the wise people in your life. I wish there was an easy answer but I am afraid there isn't. Jesus said, "Take up the cross DAILY". Blessings to you Cindy.

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Cindy, I'm 67 years old and I still have those questions!  What movies is it ok to watch?   When I'm reading a magazine, how can I keep my eyes and thoughts from "crossing the line"?  When have I gone one bottle of beer too far?  Now granted things are different now than when I was 20.  I'm different and there are different temptations too.  but a lot of the issues are the same, and these questions about morality are still just as vexing.   And where in the world do you look to find some helpful advice?   You want someone who is really believable, and someone who is really biblical, and who is realistic about what it's like to live in 2010!   Soak yourself in the Gospels.  Spend a LOT of time with Jesus.  Let his way of thinking and living drench your mind and heart.   That's the starting place.  And I'm going to say something that is a lot like what Ken and Marcel have said.   Here's the thing - I always tend to ask the question How far is too far?   That is a question that lets me see how close I can drive to the edge and still stay out of the ditch.   But the real question is, How far from the ditch can I drive?    and then the question about HOW CLOSE won't bug me so much.   THAT is a very very hard thing to practice.  I know because I fail at it pretty consistently.  I think we all do.  But that's the right approach to take - not how far from Jesus can I wander and still be ok, but How close can I live to Jesus.    May God empower you and grace you with a new way to live.