New IN: Disability Concerns, New IN: Advocacy

On Thursday, November 2, church leaders and disability advocates are invited to join Terry DeYoung and Mark Stephenson (RCA and CRC Disability Concerns, respectively) to think through disability and diversity in the church.  

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Do we have a "Funeral" liturgy anywhere? I'm on the Liturgical Forms & Resources page, but I don't see one. I see one for marriage, but not funerals...

October 3, 2017 102 1 2 comments

We’re marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this month by listening carefully to our Reformed confessions.

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Congregations that are growing primarily by connecting the disconnected tend to be low bar/high bar churches. They have a low cultural bar (it's easy to walk and assimilate) but a high discipleship bar. 

October 3, 2017 348 1 2 comments

There are doubtless many “secrets” and tips for building a successful ministry team. But many of the things that build a team are among the simplest, everyday things. Like praying for each other. By name. 

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Check out a sample of past and future Safe Church events that are designed to help congregations live into God’s mission, especially in the way we prevent and respond to abuse.

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When we talk about mission, we must keep in mind that we can always learn from one another instead of assuming we have the answers. There is no need to impress anyone but to be humble in learning. 

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Someone once said that if you can teach your congregation to smile you’ll grow by 20%. Churches would also do well to teach their facilities to put on a smile. 

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Shalom Christian Reformed Church, a growing and vibrant congregation, is seeking a dynamic full-time outreach director.

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Join us for a unique evening of learning and worship as we explore the harmony between modern science and biblical faith.

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Join us for two days of teaching and fellowship as we look at the creation/evolution issue with two dynamic speakers from Creation Magazine and Creation Ministries International. 

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Does anything good come from divorce? In my experience, the answer is no.

September 27, 2017 162 1 2 comments

Seymour CRC (Grand Rapids, Michigan) has a 10–20 hour/week Building Manager position open with an option to go up to 29 hours/week with additional custodial duties. 

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Because so many people are already on Facebook, that can commonly be where someone first encounters your church. Here are some tips for making your Facebook page a suitable and welcoming front door. 

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We put a lot of time into our fall outreach events, bringing new families to our church. But what happens after the event is over is just as important as the lead-up to the event.

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On September 27, 2016, our worshipping community turned on 44 rooftop solar panels and began producing our own electricity for the Campus Chapel.

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Safe Church is confronting the pervasive darkness of the sex industry as an evil that destroys lives not just "out there," but in our homes and neighborhoods.

September 26, 2017 166 1 3 comments

The reality is, it is much too simple to click “I am over 18” to enter a pornographic website.

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Quality marketing and communication in the church makes a difference. Here’s why.

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What would you hope for from a Coffee Break Leader training? When asked, the 32 leaders gathered in Chicagoland resonated with two common themes: encouragement and becoming more effective in leading conversation.

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Join us for one (or all!) of these free worship training sessions this fall. 

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