New IN: Evangelism, New IN: Faith Nurture

ReFrame Media has designed a special (free!) Advent devotional series, Waiting In Expectation, to help you see God's story in your life.

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Listen and learn from this webinar recording that looks at the spiritual characteristics of teens. 

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IN: Classis, IN: Prayer

One way to honour the spiritual nature of classical meetings is by opening and closing with prayer. But what to pray? Here are two prayers buried deep in the back of the 1934 red hymnal. 

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Pease Christian Reformed Church has an opening for an Associate Pastor. 

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Spiritual growth can’t be programmed, but great resources are important. As someone who is part of an intergenerational small group, I wanted to share some of my favorite resources! 

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The movement of #metoo didn’t start overnight. It didn’t even start after the allegations against Harvey Weinstein came out. Movements are slow things that hopefully last for the long haul.

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I am looking for a church position regarding fundraising, specifically doing raffles. Have you found a statement? If so, how is it determined? 

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How might the Church be reformed and reshaped by God’s work in young people with disabilities? Join us for this conversation at Princeton Theological Seminary, Feb. 1-2, 2018. Hosted by the Institute for Youth Ministry.

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Fellowship CRC in Etobicoke, ON, is currently seeking to hire a full-time Ministry Director (2-year renewable contract). 

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SheLeads is coming to Grand Rapids this Saturday, October 28. It's not too late to register for this outstanding opportunity! 

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My Reformed roots have blessed me, and continue to bless me, in too many ways to count. I’ll name just three.

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Connecting with a public school links the church to the beating heart of the community. Here are a few ways churches can serve their local public schools. 

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Modesto Christian Reformed Church is seeking a full-time Director of Music and Worship.

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Recently I heard Bill Hybels articulated eight elder approved statements that name their highest values. These statements can serve as a helpful conversation starter for ministries seeking to identify ministry priorities.

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It's sometimes difficult for me to write about hospitality. In as much as it's something most churches speak about regularly, I feel as if it has become the latest buzz word, but without a depth of understanding and practice.

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Watch and listen to this inspiring and practical discussion on leading worship with youth and adults. 

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Listen and learn from this worship webinar that addresses the challenges of planning worship for a congregation made up of many uniquely created people. 

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Arnie talked for a minute more, his curious energy bringing the Old Testament to life. As he sat down, I wanted to hug him. I wanted to say thank you for making a middle schooler interested in the book of Malachi. 

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This workshop introduces the concept of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) with its four concrete skill areas: Knowledge, Motivation, Interpretation and Behavior.

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This fall we’re celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I can’t think of a better Sunday take home gift for everyone in your congregation than a copy of Ten Ways My Reformed Identity Shapes My Faith.

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I'm the treasurer of our deacons at Grace CRC in Chatham Ontario. We've been asked if it is possible to designate donations to Resonate as either domestic or international.  How does this work?

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