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What is it? 

Racism: Looking Back, Moving Forward is a workshop that takes participants through the foundations of racism and whiteness by putting together a timeline that includes laws and acts designed to oppress certain groups of people. Although this workshop is not about how to dismantle racism, it will provide enough information about the history of racism to help participants begin or continue their journey towards dismantling racism.

What you'll learn

  • You will be confirmed in your call to confront racism.
  • You will learn the origin of racism and whiteness.
  • You will have clarity about various levels of racism.
  • You will have a better understanding of generational and historical trauma.
  • You will understand the importance of biblical lament in the work of racial reconciliation.

Workshop overview

Session One: Biblical Foundations

This session uses Scripture to help participants reflect on the biblical truths that people were created in the image of God and everything that He created was good. Participants will discuss the consequences of the entrance of sin, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for our redemption, and the Gospel mission that each child of God holds.

Session Two: Understanding Racism

Through timelines of the histories of various people groups in the U.S., definition of key terms, and a discussion on white privilege, this session provides an opportunity to understand the beginning of the idea of whiteness. We will discuss this non-biblical concept and how it has been used to develop and maintain systems that destroy one group of people and elevate another, creating pain, destruction, and division.

Session Three: Lament

This session aims to help participants understand and reflect on the importance of biblical lament in the face of human suffering because of an unjust system, as well as the lack of action, silence, and disobedience of the Church in the face of injustice and sin. We will be called to repent and confess the sins of the past and present. Repentance and confession point us back to God for healing, restitution, and renewal of our commitment to obedience.

How much time does it take? 

In-person: 8 hours/day over two days OR 3 hours/day over five days

Virtual: 2 hours/day over eight days

How much does it cost?

$120/person | $155/couple (lunch is provided if in-person)

Scheduled Upcoming Workshops:


The concept, looking back moving forward is called Sankofa, a west African word.

Looking back is foundational, it is important to take the viewpoint of what had been achieved despite all the hurdles our ancestors faced and overcame. I.E. Tuskegee Institute, Mehary Medical, HBCU’s, inventors, Black successful towns, their violent destruction, etc.

Thanks for your work.


My name is Catherine Beryl Gee, I'm interested in taking Anti Racism Workshops virtually due to covi'd 19. Could you please give me more information on your Anti Racism Workshops.  I am a member of Faith Church in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

 All the people that I meet, are precious and treasures to me! With God's Love filling my heart, I CHERISH all the moments we share. The strength of a true friend, a Brother and Sister in Christ, miles can never keep us apart! Catherine Gee

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