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NEW UPDATE: We've added a GUEST! Join us Thursday, January 28 as we learn from Sarah Rinsema-Sybenda, Executive Director of Community EnCompass, Muskegon MI.  Sign Up NOW!

What if this year could bring new opportunities to learn and practice new ways of being church

This January and February join World Renew for a series of discussions led by leaders and churches using asset based community development. Together we will explore ways churches can be better neighbo(u)rs and move from doing things for community to working with community.

The series runs Thursdays at 7:30 pm Eastern.

Click here to register for any or all of the sessions now (or visit World Renew's website). 

January 7: God in our Neighborhood
Peter Watts, Pastor of The ROCK Church, Los Angeles, Coordinator for the RCA African American Black Council, City Director of ReWire

Feeling worn out from doing good? “Doing justice and loving mercy” takes a toll if we aren’t walking humbly and being rooted in Christ.  Peter Watts will share his story and the importance of listening to God, seeing God at work, and loving our community in order to act with justice. 

January 14: Working WITH our Neighborhood
Al Santino, Project Manager of Community Engagement at City to City, Redeemer
Nikki Johnson, The Exchange Cooperative

What happens if churches would invest in our neighborhoods and communities as good neighbors not saviors? Come be inspired by these stories of working WITH community for real transformation. Al Santino was born and raised in New York City and worked in community development since 1986. He currently works at City to City, Redeemer, and also serves at Viva Uptown Inc., a church based collaborative in Northern Manhattan, NY. Nikki Johnson and her husband Josh started The Exchange Cooperative in Rochester MN after asking the question, “What would a co-operative community of God look like?” She helps her community be a place where everybody helps, everybody belongs, everybody grows.

January 21: The Future of the Neighborhood
Tom Sine, Author and foresight Consultant for faith based organizations and denominations

We’re racing into a new year and a time of accelerated change. How is your church adapting? In this webinar you’ll discover three practices and innovative ideas that are vital to anticipate and creatively respond to life and make a difference in your community. Tom Sine, Author and foresight Consultant for faith based organizations and denominations, will guide us into new ways of thinking for 2021 and beyond.

January 28: Creating Space for Neighboring
Sarah Rinsema-Sybenga, Community EnCompass, Muskegon, MI

We can believe that we should be good neighbors but how do we live that out? Join Sarah Rinsema-Sybenga of Community EnCompass, as she shares stories of how that is happening in the McLaughlin Neighborhood of Muskegon MI. They envision a restored neighborhood, in which all neighbors have identified and have opportunity to use their God-given gifts towards the building and strengthening of their community.

February 4: Seeing our Neighbourhood
Ron Vanden Brink, Diaconal Ministries Canada
Jodi Koeman, World Renew

Rather than experts of our community, what if we committed to being students of our community? Looking for strengths, resources, possibilities, and partnerships is key to being good neighbors. In this interactive webinar, Jodi Koeman and Ron Vanden Brink will lead you through exercises and activities to help you discover the Strengths of your church property, people, and resources, as well as the neighborhood it is located in. 

February 11: Connecting to our Neighborhood
Mike Mather, Pastor, First United Methodist of Boulder CO, faculty of ABCD Institute, Author, Having Nothing, Possessing Everything: Finding Abundant Communities in Unexpected Places

Sometimes we need to let things go in order to bring something to life. Mike Mather has pastored churches in Indianapolis and now in Boulder, CO. He has noticed that while his church was serving people, they weren’t really making a lasting impact in those people’s lives or the neighborhood. He decided to “put to death” the programs and bring to life relationships and social capital. This small but significant shift changed their way of being church. 

February 18: Learning together about our neighborhoods

Bring your questions to a Moderated discussion about mercy, compassion, justice, community transformation.  This is your chance to learn from and listen to one another. If you are a deacon, leading an outreach team, or involved in compassion, mercy or justice or other type of ministry, this roundtable will be especially helpful. What are some innovative things your church is doing with your neighbors? How are you working WITH your community - not doing for them? What are you struggling with? What resources have you found helpful? 


How long are these webinars?  10:30 is a late start for us in Pacific Time. Will these be available on the web for review? 

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