Bridges and The Bridge


"For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." I Timothy 2:5

We are told that the oldest bridge still standing and in use is in Smyrna (now called Ismir), in Turkey, a town which received a letter from Jesus through John in the book of Revelation. The bridge is said to have been built in 850 B.C. and may have been used by St. Paul.

One of the most famous bridges in the world is the London Bridge. We are told that it really did fall down! So the children's song offers a bit of history. 

When it was built, the Brooklyn Bridge was called, "The Eighth Wonder of the World." It took 14 years to build it over the East River.

The first bridge to use structural steel was the Eads Bridge at St. Louis, Missouri in 1874. It is still carrying loads over the Mississippi River to Illinois.

My Aunt Julia Slenk, my mom's sister, wrote a whole book of poetry. One of her poems is entitled, Our Michigan Mackinaw Bridge.

She wrote,

A bridge is meant to span a place
That leads from here to there.
A master plan must first be made
And each detail marked with care.

So it was too with our Michigan Bridge
'Twas well planned and carried out,
We're justly proud of our 'Big Mac'
Of that there is no doubt.

There is a spiritual counterpart
which we might consider here;
Jesus Christ is the Spiritual unseen Bridge
For all who hold him dear.

You know - between man and a Holy God
There is much wrong and sin - 
And we're unfit to go to Him
Our pardon thus to win.

So we must use this Spiritual bridge
According to God's 'Master plan'
He - in His wisdom so designed
To save earth's fallen man.

Yes, God too planned each detail -
His Son died - His blood was shed -
For you - if you believe in him
As his Word has said.

Let's praise the Lord Jesus Christ 
That 'Bridge' from here to 'There'
It will take us over Jordan
Safe - forever in his care.

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