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I recently saw a litany entitled, Lament for America, in the Reformed Worship June 2015 issue. Some years back I advocated and participated in lamenting with mothers who buried their sons or daughters as a result of gun violence in the streets. 

When I read this litany written by Shamshadeen Mayers at Madison Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Paterson, NJ, I was reminded that the time is now to lament for America. I don't know if you saw the article, but it can be found here

Settling for the status quo and/or thinking someone else is doing the work are easy traps to fall into. Pastor Shamshadeen's litany rekindles my passion for racial equality and reconciliation. Lamenting is painful and there's nothing "dignified or pretty" about it. 

May the Lord lead the Church to face the reality of racism in America and to join others in crying out to our Lord for deliverance.


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Denise and others -- what I appreciate about this post is that it helps us to lament our own racialized behavior, rather than the all too simple act of lamenting the sins of others in a very different context.

Thanks Al. It's my intent to read the litany again and pray about its use. I appreciate your observation about the focus on self rather than others.

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If ever the CRC needed to be thinking carefully and penitently about race relations, it's now.  The anger is growing in our society and our neighbors need to hear from God's people who have been given the ministry of reconciliation.   Our very diversity in the kinds of diversity we experience may get in our way by blurring issues.  The raging anger and the tearing pain of our cities demands the power of the cross to address it.  May God equip our leaders to be insightful, courageous, persistent, and gracious in leading us to address the violence on the road to Jericho.  Al and Denise, thanks for your voices.  Don't stop.