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A number of churches have reached out to the denominational office inquiring about approaches for addressing staffing issues in light of the COVID-19 situation.

Following is a list of questions that the CRCNA is using in our staff conversations. However, every church is different and has the autonomy to take their own approach. Feel free to revise at your discretion to best fit the needs at your church. Your leadership needs to decide what is most appropriate and best in the context of your congregation.   

The following are questions supervisors could pose in discussions with staff. 

Questions for Staff:

  1. What work are you able to continue to do; onsite, remotely or otherwise?

  2. Are your daily duties taking more time to accomplish or less time?

  3. What new or additional work do you have because of the COVID-19 crisis?

  4. What duties have been paused due to the COVID-19 crisis?

  5. How many hours are you typically working now during a regular remote work day.

  6. Are there "projects" you have saved for a "rainy day" that you could work on remotely or in place of work you are presently unable to do?

  7. Do you have family obligations that are keeping you from performing your regular tasks? How are you compensating/changing your work flow due to these obligations?

  8. Is what you are currently doing sustainable going forward?

  9. Would you be interested in voluntarily reducing your hours? 

One objective is to determine if hours of work need to be adjusted (in the context of the current terms of employment, on a weekly basis) and if so, how many hours and effective as of when, as this may change and require ongoing assessment? 

The greater purpose however, might better be stated: How do we continue to best realize our mission and vision even though the way we do things has changed, or will change, or needs to change? And similarly, what are the resources at hand to do it all and how might they be changing? 

As an employer it is important to have a good grasp on the employment facts and figures as concerns each employee; what are the terms of employment, hours, salary, benefits, vacation and sick time, etc. Also, be advised to check the availability of governmental assistance for employers and employees, especially as new benefits are being offered in this unique time of crisis. (We'll try to compile a few helpful links below as we become aware of them).

This knowledge will be beneficial as you consider your actions in response to the outcomes of the conversations with each staff. 


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