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Facebook is rolling out a redesigned Insights analytics for your church page.  The first change you’ll notice right away is it’s visually different.  The graphics are cleaner and easier to use.

Overall, you’ll also have access to more detailed information about your audience.  Here are a few new features I think will be quite helpful.


When Your Fans Are Online


This graph shows you a pattern for when your followers are using Facebook.  Before now, you’d have to guess at when it was the best time to post.  Now, you have more information letting you better target posting times.

Best Post Types

People love to debate whether it’s best to share pictures, text only, links, etc.  While a varied approach to posting is still good, now Facebook shows you what type of content is most popular with your fans.

Where Your Page Likes Come From

Do you wonder how people find you on Facebook?  Now you have a little more insight.

Page and Tab Visits

If you utilize the custom tabs feature on your page, now you’ll be able to see how often users are interacting with that content.  Some tabs, like photos and about, are standard.

Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes

It isn’t something to get too obsessed about, but this graph will let you see if people are taking a negative action based on your posts.  It might give you a feel for what type of content your fans don’t like.

Post Clicks

This is a small feature on the overview page, but it’s nice to see how many people clicked on a post but didn’t like, share or comment on it.

Date Range

For most categories, Facebook has also made it easier to select a date range for the data.  There’s a slider bar across the top that changes the graph results in real time.

These are some of the new features I think will help you be a better page manager.  Of course you still have access to older features as well, including audience demographics and post specific analytics.


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