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All of us have stories to tell and ideas to share. As members of the body of Christ, we have each been gifted with different interests, abilities, and relationships. When we work together, contributing our areas of interest and ability to the whole, the whole body functions well. That’s one of the goals of The Network. We love to see people sharing stories, tips, reflections, how-to ideas, and questions with people around the Christian Reformed Church and beyond. 

Have you thought about sharing your ideas? You don’t have to be a writer, or post regular blogs. One post, or a series of a few posts, on a topic that helps others can build up the body.

Need some ideas to get started? Consider these: 

Gardeners, how about a short series on bringing beauty to the church environment by creating and tending garden beds around the church, bringing cut flower arrangements into the church each week during the spring and summer, or showing creation care by choosing native plants for the church property? For vegetable gardeners, what about a how-to guide about creating and maintaining community gardens, or establishing green walls or a green roof?

Love stitching and textiles? What if you wrote a post or series on church banners and table linens to mark seasons in the church year and bring warmth to the worship and meeting spaces in your church? Other ideas might be how to organize knitters or crocheters to make warm winter hats, mitts, and scarves for local shelters or outreach organizations. How about instructions or inspirations for creating advent hangings, felt wreaths, or other seasonal decor to help remind us of the meaning of each season?

Are you a design aficionado? Your sense of taste and creating atmosphere in a space could help others! Maybe you could blog on how to create a pleasant, welcoming environment, how to decorate to evoke a certain mood for a worship service or sermon series, or tips on making your church nursery cheerful and welcoming.

Foodies, you know that food and fellowship go together like [insert your favourite food pairing here]. Why not blog on how food adds to fellowship, tips for safely sharing goodies and coffee, hosting all-church dinners, or a how-to guide on establishing a cooking/hospitality team at church?

Maybe you’re mechanically inclined. Consider writing a post on how to run a mechanical ministry (free bike repairs or car tune-ups, for example), bike rodeos, or appliance repair programs.

Love to travel? Post a blog reflecting on travel and the Christian journey, or a travel blog on places named in the Bible that can help people understand the context of the Biblical narrative.

Are you a builder? Think about blogging on ways to make a church building more accessible, safer, or more energy efficient, or about places where people with DIY skills can volunteer.

There are many ways to share your interests and gifts to bless others and build up the body of Christ. You’re already at your computer. Why not start a new post now?

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